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The Knolls

220 Knolls Place

Nashville, TN 37211



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Office Staff
Resident 2017 - 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/06/2019
Maintenance doesn't have patience for even the simplest questions/repairs - hope you never need anything major fixed. The Knolls is a beautiful place for you and your pet, with a wonderful dog park, great gym and pool facilities that are well kept and clean. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and all around likable. Where the Knolls falls short is the constant car burglaries and the worst maintenance staff I've ever had the displeasure to deal with. The maintenance staff tends to default on solutions for problems that are just out of their capabilities - as if every problem is just a fact of life to be dealt with by the renter. When my electric bill doubled in price during the winter, the first maintenance person told me that it was normal to have a 100% increase in your electric bill during the winter - that we were probably running the heat too much. When i explained that we try to maintain a reasonable temp and that the issue is that the AC unit DOES NOT TURN OFF - EVER - and that we were concerned that there was an electrical issue causing the AC to run past temp (both on heating and cooling) the maintenance person defaulted on the previous solution again, "It's just winter." Having over 8 years of HVAC experience I know that my bill should not be doubling and that AC units are designed to stop and maintain at 70, when set at 70. (or any other temp) When i brought this back up to maintenance they got an attitude and sent another maintenance person, likely in hopes that i'd become exasperated and give up on asking for help. Eventually the maintenance manager got involved and contacted me via email, where the manager was extremely hostile and short - making me feel like I was being the problem, when I just simply don't want to pay 230$ a month in electric for a 2bed/1bath. At the moment, march 6th 2019, I am living in a 2bed/1bath with all the lights out and the AC OFF, during the winter - ALMOST LIKE LIVING IN A CAVE in 2019 when i pay 1200+ a month in rent. But that's normal, BECAUSE IT'S WINTER.... Eventually, I noticed a near half inch gap in my front door that was leaking massive amounts of cold/warm air to the outside. I notified that maintenance team and the manager came along as well, finally an entire team of qualified professionals to fix the problem that i had to find on my own because they refused to take the time to troubleshoot the problem. Thank god I knew what to look for, too bad they don't pay me to do their job. The maintenance manager was unable to manage a smile and was visibly bothered/annoyed to help. IN SHORT... I was being over charged for electric and I wanted someone to troubleshoot the issue. Rather than troubleshoot, they said "we cant do anything" and left it to me to find the solution. I will not be upping my lease and i recommend others head caution when considering living here until they FIX THEIR MAINTENANCE TEAM. You may see a lot of positive reviews, and please take them into consideration, but be aware that residents are rewarded for participating in reviews - " In return to say thanks, we will hold a drawing and give away three $10 Starbucks gift cards at the end of the month."
The Knolls Manager03/07/2019

Thank you for providing your kind feedback regarding our beautiful community and amenities. Our goal is to provide impeccable service, which includes a 24-hour turnaround on maintenance requests. Our team works very hard to offer our residents and future residents a great service. It is always disheartening to hear that someone has had a different experience other than what we strive for. Please contact us in the office to discuss further or with any other concerns you may have. Thank you. Community Manager

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The Knolls

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