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Stoneridge Farms

400 Chaney Road

Smyrna, TN 37167



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/21/2007
I've been here since the very first apartments here were freshly built and ready for occupancy, so I've seen good times at Stoneridge Farms, and over time, more and more bad times. As with anything new that isn't maintained, it's really gone a bit downhill. Not to say that this is any worse than anywhere else I've ever rented, but with these being brand new "luxury" apartments, I definitely expected more than I've gotten during my stay here, especially with the overpriced rent and steep security deposit.<br><br>The apartment units themselves are okay, though as at least one other review pointed out, shoddily constructed. In our brand new, never occupied apartment, there were nails sticking out of the carpet all over the place. The carpet installer apparently set the carpet down and tapped in some nails where they needed to be, but never finished nailing them all in completely. Needless to say, I've ripped more than one good article of clothing due to this. Over time, as the apartment has settled, random cracks have also developed in the walls that have gone unrepaired despite requests to fix them, some over a foot long. Strangely, the unit is also missing a few screws in things like switch plates and door knobs. The doors in the unit are also a nuisance; for whatever reason, not a single door in the entire apartment can stay open without kicking a stopper up against it. This is acceptable for the entry door to the apartment since it's supposed to swing shut on its own by design, but that's not supposed to happen in the rest of the apartment, and it's a real pain, especially when you're trying to pull clothes out of the washer and the utility room door keeps hitting you from behind. Overall, the building also doesn't absorb motion and noise from neighbors very well. If your neighbor is walking around or having a conversation, the motion will transfer to your apartment like an earthquake aftershock and the noise will follow. Lastly, the units are all supposed to have brand new designer appliances (i.e., black and silver refrigerator, range, oven, and built-in microwave), but I'm not at all convinced that they weren't "refurbished" or pulled from another dwelling; with the exception of the microwave, every kitchen appliance came with some sort of noticeable scuffing or cracking in the finish. Aside from the shoddy construction, the floor plans seem pretty logical, the little touches like light fixtures and garden tubs are appreciated, the outside deck is tiny but functional, and the unit seems to hold heat and A/C well, though it'd be nice if the A/C was powerful enough to fully reach the rooms farthest from the intake.<br><br>As far as the apartment property itself, the amenities, or lack thereof, are the largest cause of my disappointment. Upon moving in, the property was still largely under construction, but the leasing agents promised the world. Once finished, the property was supposed to have, among other things, a lake bordered by a casual walking trail, a lit tennis court that could be used day or night, a business center, and a car wash. Well, the lake was completely scrapped. There is now a huge moon crater where there was supposed to be a lake, filled in with grass and a few Charlie Brown Christmas trees -- it looks totally ridiculous. I don't think the walking trail will ever be completed, and who wants to take a relaxing stroll around a moon crater anyway? The tennis court is there, and there's lights, but they don't turn on, as they never finished wiring them. The business center, as minimalistic as it is, used to be functional, with at least a couple of Internet-connected computers, a printer, copier, and fax machine. Unfortunately, the computers have been massacred with all of the software and crap that people have loaded onto them, and the fax machine -- well, it doesn't quite fax anymore because they removed the phone line. The "car wash" is nothing more than a garden hose. One garden hose. For several hundreds of residents. And the garden hose is closed or out-of-order half the time I'd like to use it. The amenities that are actually here also have ridiculous restrictions or hours, the laundry facility being a prime example. Currently, the laundry room, for your use should you choose not to buy your own washer and dryer, is only open from 10am-10pm. Who exactly decided this? Apparently, nobody in the world ever wakes up before work at a normal human time to do laundry. And the laundry room itself looks several decades older than the property it's on. I wish I hadn't believed all of the hype from the leasing agents about what amazing things would be coming in the future, because it just didn't happen, and unfortunately, as these amenities weren't mentioned in the lease, there is no compensation or recourse for the lack thereof.<br><br>The front gate to the property is also an extreme source of everyday frustration here. I used to like having a gate here in order to keep unauthorized traffic out, but honestly, I just wish they'd demolish the thing now. The gate never, ever, ever works properly. Ever. Sometimes it just refuses to open, sometimes it'll open partway then close back up, sometimes it won't close behind you, and sometimes you have to swipe your keycard a dozen times before anything happens. I've seen cars in front of me throw their hands up in frustration while the gate continues to toy with them for several minutes. Some people just end up driving through it, breaking off the outer arm behind them -- and I don't blame them one bit. I'm not so sure what's so difficult about keeping a gate functioning properly anyway. Card gets swiped, gate opens, car goes through, gate closes -- that's all there is to it. But whatever gate this place bought from the Wal-Mart clearance rack just can't handle that complexity. Besides being only marginally functional, the gate gives a huge false sense of security anyway. Any pedestrian that doesn't have a keycard to walk in the front gate can just walk to the right side of the leasing office and enter the property unobstructed, as the fence doesn't actually surround the entire property. As for visiting motorists, they're supposed to be able to call us from the callbox at the gate, and we're supposed to be able to talk to them via telephone as well as see them on Comcast channel 9. Unfortunately, the gate camera has worked for only about 2-3 months in the entire time I've lived here. Now, channel 9 is just solid black all the time. But they're sure to keep channel 10 -- the lame apartment community channel running a slapped-together PowerPoint presentation on loop -- up and running.<br><br>Here are my two key pieces of advice on living at Stoneridge Farms should you so choose --<br><br>1. Sign a short-term lease, at least the first time around. You'll end up paying a bit more, but if you become as disappointed as I am, you won't have to put up with it for long. Beware: You'll be hung upside-down and raped repeatedly if you decide to break your lease here. Seriously.<br><br>2. If you're promised fancy amenities in the future like a NASA launchpad or a car wash that's actually a car wash, get it in writing, and hopefully, try to work some sort of stipulation into your lease compensating you if these wonderful future amenities that are just around the corner don't show up. Many of the units are vacant now, so I'm sure they'll at least try to work with you to take one less unprofitable unit off their books.<br><br>Oh, and watch out for dog poop. Seriously, it's everywhere.
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Stoneridge Farms

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