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The Grove



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mrain617 • Resident 2009 - 2012 Recommended
Reviewed 06/27/2012
Despite reading bad reviews, I signed a lease at the Grove my sophomore year at HSU because I liked the idea of a furnished apartment and not having to buy furniture. After my first lease, I was satisfied enough to sign 2 more! Management and office staff: They are pleasant to work with if you are pleasant to work with. I know people who have had issues with management but it is because they were trying to have an exception made for them, trying to get out of something in the lease, had an illegal pet living with them...etc. Basically if you honor their apartment complex, if you respect them as decent human beings, and if you abide by the lease that you signed, you are going to have no or minimal issues with the staff. Maintenance: The maintenance staff is awesome and they are very helpful. Yes, sometimes it does take awhile for things to be fixed or replaced, but I also understand that many times things have to be ordered. Advice for future residents: Keep payment receipts every month. There have been many times where you might receive a note on your door saying you owe a full months rent late fees during a month you have already paid for. Yes, it gets annoying, but it is easily taken care of if you have a payment receipt. No big deal. There was period of time where this was a normal occurrence (during my 2010-2011 lease) but haven't had trouble this past year with that. Apparently it was a corporate issue. But the issue is easily managed if you KEEP ALL RECEIPTS. For future residents with dogs: Please keep them on a leash. There is supposedly a fine issued if your dog is found not on a leash. And my yorkie puppy was attacked by two pit bulls at the complex who were not on leashes. I commend the Grove management for helping me identifying the owner, who eventually helped pay vet costs. The Grove has since been more active in enforcing the leash law. I have recently graduated and am moving out of the Grove this month. I am a 3 year resident that highly recommends this complex if you don't have furniture and don't want to buy any. The cost is a great deal and I rarely had to pay over for additional utilities.
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The Grove

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