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Bent Tree Trails



Resident · 2012
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Let me make this precise to the facts: Good things: ============ 1. A calm/quiet atmosphere (having said that, I don't know any other place thats overly noisy) 2. No extra charge for covered parking/door-to-door trash pick up 3. Most or all units have a Patio 4. Close to several important roads in Addison, but Ledgemont Ln itself is a calm street. 5. Card operated laundry. I hate carrying coins around and realizing you don't have it when you really need to wash. I dont have a washer/dryer, so... Bad things: =========== 1. On the 1st day of move in I discovered about 5-8 cockroaches in my bathroom (not to mention I did move out the very next morning having secured a sample of cockroach to be able to move without breaking lease). But you can't avoid this in an old apartment. Just that I was lucky enough to spot them on the very 1st day, else I'd be "advised" to keep my kitchen clean :-) 2. If you are more than 5.7 feet in height, you cannot use bathroom shower. I am 6.00 feet and shower stands below my neck. I would have to sit down on the bath tub to take bath properly. Staff told me that unfortunately all their units are like that. 3. If someone is staying with you for more than 48 hours (2 days exactly) you MUST inform leasing office. So if your mom stays with you on a 3-day long weekend and they comes to know about it (they are at constant watch it seems, dont worry, they will find out), you will be grilled. If you have a girlfriend/boyfriend, a wife/husband who works elsewhere, a separated partner wanting to see your child once in a while, a parent or friends visiting you, you better get into a 2-bed room apartment. But the 2-bedrooms here open up only once in 3 years or so (which is rare too), because of a lot of senior people who are less mobile staying here. Now the reason for this strictness could be (guessing) shared utilities, which is again bad. 4. The average age of people staying here could be somewhere above 60 (which is why this is a calm place). I have had friends who told me that if you have a music system (of course, not too loud), or friends talking to you at stairways or corners, your neighbour could either call 911 or shout at you. In short, imagine signing up for staying in a guest suite in an old age home. (but the unit I got on building 15 had a nice neighbor- a nice lady staying upstairs) 5. There were other bad things (along with cockroaches) I encountered on the 1st day. Bathroom door wouldn't lock, Toilet wont flush down and water flows out of the bowl (seems staff was aware of this but the plumber missed to fix before my move in), some metal object in the kitchen sink's drainage making noise Altogether I wouldn't recommend unless you are above 60 years, but if you are, then you wouldn't probably be reading this. As for cockroaches, you better stay in some new construction sites (until invaders and debris bring in roaches and rats :-) )
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Bent Tree Trails

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