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Bent Tree Trails



Resident · 2008 - 2014
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Office Staff
The new company didn't water during the winter & the grass & flowers died like grass and flowers do in the winter & you still got a water bill? OK, seriously- where WERE you this winter? The rest of us were here in Addison in the midst of Icemageddon, so we KNOW why watering didn't happen. Every time you looked at a forecast it was for more ice. Watering? And perhaps your bill didn't go down because residents don't pay for the water for all of the trees and grass and flowers that we enjoy as one of the pleasant aspects of living here. I don't know, but I don't think it was a conspiracy. Poopy? Truly, I haven 't seen one of my neighbors (even those with teeny dogs) without a leash in one hand and a plastic poopy bag in the other since I've lived here for 5 yrs. Seems like you're just generally unhappy being here, but bashing a great place to live because some things are different now probably didn't make you feel any better. I will agree with one of your observations, though. What the heck WERE they thinking with that office exterior? Kinda looks like it belongs to another complex. Hope you find happiness somewhere. :-) Read more: http://www.apartmentratings.com/rate/TX-Addison-Bent-Tree-T
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Bent Tree Trails

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