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kenderyn • Resident 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/24/2007
Okay, so I am a 27 year old studying for my Nursing Degree (at Brookhaven College). My boyfriend is looking to finish his Industrial Engineering Degree from Texas Tech. We both met at out job and decided to find a place together. When we looked at Bent Tree Brook we saw an apartment plan that we really liked (we have a study, total plus on my part)and as price plan that we could afford....since we both work at a restaurant. <br><br>Let me say that I was super excited when we signed the pre-lease....I knew this was going to be awesome and I couldn't wait till we moved in.<br><br>Then.....two days before we moved I saw this site, and the reviews posted here. I freaked the hell out. I mean, who wouldn't....I drove all the way to my boyfriend's work and pestered him about all kind of stupid stuff....saying things like "Oh my god, what if it's awful..." and whatnot. I had a serious emotional response. He managed to calm me down and we moved in anyway. <br><br>Thank god we did. I love it. He loves it. Look folks, Bent Tree Brook is not a bad place to live....I wouldn't even say it's mildly unpleasant. We signed the lease before we even saw the place and it didn't matter, I fell in love with it. Our apartment is right in front of the pool and laundry room.....our neighbors have all lived here for 6 years....things are quiet. Honestly the only thing I have to complain about is the oven, which is old and takes a while to heat up. <br><br>Seriously I want to BEAT THE HELL out of the people that posted the reviews that freaked me out. Okay, so the fuses aren't as great as in some new houses, and so the appliances are old.....this place was built in the 70's people!!! Get a freakin' grip! I used to live in Philadelphia where you could get a 400 sq ft apartment with no w/d, no a/c no freakin' nothing and STILL pay $600 a month!!!!!!<br><br>All I'm saying is I like it here. It's quiet, my neighbors are cool.....and you know what....I'll be here for quite some time.
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