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Post Addison Circle

5009 Addison Circle

Addison, TX 75001



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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2004 Recommended
Reviewed 09/08/2005
Lived there three years and was very happy.<br><br>PROS: Unique/Individual floorplan choices. Parking garage attached in many buildings (with parking directly on your floor, so no stars). Nice pool areas. Rent price a fairly good value for the uniqueness. Walkable to retail, little restaurants, convience store, and other service.<br><br>CONS: Other residents (see below). Cheap construction/finish out quality.<br><br>Overall, I would recommend this place to anyone new to Dallas... espcially new to a big city. Addison is a sweet little pretty town with a lot of things going for it. The property is usually kept up as best as possible, considering how some of the residents treat it. Beer bottles and cigarette butts galore, but the staff tries to play mom and clean up the best they can. The pool areas are nice and well kept. Courtyards are great for late afternoon grilling and friends, and are landscaped beautifully. Parking is by no means secure, so car break-ins do happen (and frequently), although I personally never had a problem. The apartment finish-out was probably my biggest pet pieve -- carpet was cheap, linolium was aweful (and very difficult to keep clean), light switches not mounted level (just looked like shabby construction), cabinetry was about as cheap as it comes. But, overall, it did the job and didn't look that bad (all depends on what you make of it). Energy bills weren't too bad at all. People (in my opinion) were not the friendliest -- not snobby -- but more like they just don't care to meet their neighbors.<br><br>Be careful when moving out -- they have (and did with me) been known to charge you for every little thing. They even accused me of having a pet I didn't register (I never had an animal in that apartment for the three years I lived there).<br><br>This place is definately a great "I just graduated college and moved to Dallas for a new job" spot. Definately at least give it a look, if you are looking in the North Dallas area... you will like it.
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Post Addison Circle

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