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Benton Pointe



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/04/2007
when we first moved in, we liked the apartment and the space and the area. everything about the building with us is fine, the management, corporate and maint. are a different issue. The first month we were here they credited our rent check to another apartment, then called me during the day on the 6th of the month to tell me that we didn't pay our rent. I had to go to the bank and get a varification form that the check cleared. When they realized they had already cashed our rent check they were apologetic, but it was still a hassle to have to take that time out of my day. (my husband handed them the check personally). The second month we were here they repainted our apartment, for 2 weeks or so we had to keep everything off our balcony and entry way, that was a hassle, and no one warned us before we moved in that they would be repainting. Then, Around our 5th month they repainted the parking lot and reccommended that we park our cars some where else to keep from ruining them with paint! what is a parking lot for if you can't park your car in it? We have never had a problem with bugs, like others have said, but we have had a problem with our appliances. Our garbage disposal was broken for 9 days before they came to fix it, we had to call 5 times about it, each time we called they said "it wasn't as important as other things and they would get to it when they could." I thought it was important considering we had food in the garbage disposal when it broke, and although we cleaned it out it still wasn't the same as having a working disposal. Our dishwasher over flowed one day, when we called they said they would maybe get to it tomorrow (when we signed the lease they gloated about 24 emergency maint.) I think water ankle deep in your kitchen is an emergency. The dishwasher's timer quit another time and the guy came and said he fixed it and turned our dishwasher on. The timer was not fixed, instead it stayed on Heated dry for probably half a day before we realized it, luckily we didn't catch anything on fire. Our Washing machine makes loud noises like the barrings (spelling?) are going out and the maint. guy said nothing was wrong, yet our next door neighbors can hear our washing machine start going, It shakes and rattles everything on the wall in the Kitchen, they will not replace the washing machine though. I know noise is not their problem, but our neighbors above us are INCREDIBLY loud... we can hear everything they do upstairs, and our complaints never help. We're moving as soon as our lease is up, the price for the sq footage is great, but it's not worth all the hassle we have had to go through.
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Benton Pointe

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