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Huntington Pointe Apartments

6801 Wolflin Ave

Amarillo, TX 79106



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/13/2007
Awful. The cannot keep staff. The fired the previous manager who had been here for 11yrs and hired some pigeon toed dumbbell who is completely incompetent. I put a maintenance request in 3 wks ago and still have not had anyone show up. There are huge pot holes all over the parking lot. They wouldn't even put out salt on the stairs and walkways when it froze over this year. Charge 500 /mo and are too cheap to put salt out for the safety of the residents. There's trash all over the grounds. The advertise a "business center" which is a joke. Thelast time I tried to utilize it, the hard drive was unplugged and their was trash all over the floor and sticky goop on the desk... I've had an ice maker for 3 months that has no sensor. They came and took out the bad one, and pinched another worn out appliance from a different fridge...and guess what? It doesn't work either. I have a huge block of ice in the freezer that has to be thawed and banged out ever few days. Nobody cleans the dog ---- up after their dogs and it's a mine field...<br>Keep goin' when you see the puke green 3 story property. Willow Glen is arund the corner and MUCH nicer...!
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Huntington Pointe Apartments

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