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The Enclave



Resident · 2013 - 2014
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
When I moved in, it was better than it is now. The staff are pretty nice, but they've been chronically understaffed for months. Maintenance requests that I have put in for a pest problem have not been addressed. I gave up after a month and dealt with it myself. I know another resident has not had a working air conditioner for weeks. The water is shut off frequently, with no warning. The hot water fails frequently. I recall not having any hot water for over a week earlier this year. The complex has not been maintained lately, one of the pools looked like a black and green swamp. The lawn was finally mowed after coming up over your ankle and being filled with animal feces. You might as well not walk through the grass. The grills in the courtyard are garbage. The pools are often locked for no apparent reason. The washers and dryers are overpriced and often don't work. Good luck getting your money back, the office doesn't have anything to do with that. The drop box for rent has been closed. So you have to either pay your rent online, which costs extra, mail it, or pay it in person. Good luck with that last one, half the time I try to go get a package from them or pay a bill, or even just ask a question, they're closed when they're scheduled to be open. Well...then I guess it's not OUR problem if they can't BE there when they're SUPPOSED to be to collect the rent. Good luck with collecting those late fees, lady. The rent never goes down. No one gets a break on anything, even when there are ongoing problems. There's always an excuse from the office...but none of their problems are our problems. I also have had birds and other things in my walls making all kinds of noises. I reported that issue to them three months ago. No response. I don't care anymore. They obviously don't. The only positive thing I have to say is that I like having a covered parking space. It used to be quiet, but it hasn't been lately. I love my parking space. Also, my one bedroom has large closets and a nice big cabinet for food in the kitchen and towels in the bathroom. I have lived in three apartment complexes in Amarillo. Of the three, Casa de Warren on Western was the absolute worst. Tiffany is the next worst. The best of the three was the Park at 54th over by 54th and Bell. I don't know what happened...it used to be better here. They've been bought out by some new company who promised to update and redo a lot of things....I hope they succeed. As it is, this place asks way too much money for too many headaches.
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The Enclave

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