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The Enclave



Resident · 2015
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Office Staff
Avoid at all costs!! If mice and roaches are your idea of pets move on into the enclave!! The staff is horrible and does not care about your issues!! Nothing will ever get fixed and by nothing I do mean absolutely nothing!! They show you a glamorous apartment but then refuse to show you yours until you pay your deposit and sign a lease. And trust me yours wont be glamorous!! Then when you think you are going to pay one price go ahead and tack on about 100 more dollars in added stuff they charge for. Also they hire the cheapest painters, roofers, mowers etc and nothing gets done as well as it should. Also they always say if we have enough money we will fix this or that but never ever ever do which must mean they are broke. Maybe broke maybe not but definitely a JOKE!!! Also one more thing... Go ahead and grab 2 rolls of quarters when you go to do laundry because the first roll will be spent doing laundry and the next roll will be spent redoing it after you drag your soapy wet clothes to another washer or dryer!! Have a good day!!! And if I could put negative stars on staff and maintenance I sure would!!
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The Enclave

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