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The Granite at 34th



Resident · 2003 - 2004
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Office Staff
The apartment complex itself is okay. It's old, so there are things that need fixing often, as well as a big problem with DUST everywhere, even right after you just dusted. The management was changed just before I moved in and they have been wonderful as far as sending people to come and fix things, they even sent someone to fix our lock on a sunday. Watch out though, the fixit guys have master keys and have been known to walk in if you dont answer your door, say if youre sleeping or in the shower or NOT HOME AT ALL! Like I said, the apartments themselves are clean enough and we've few bug problems, and the rent is reasonable for a decent apartment with a pretty good management staff. But watch your cars!!! there have been problems since I moved in with cars being broken into or vandalized in some way. When I went down to the office about THIS situation, they were less helpful. It was pretty much, theres nothing we can do about it. We have a courtesy patrol come around about three times a night. The lighting on the north side of the complex is awful, I won't even walk my dog at night out there, I send my husband. The quality of tenents varies by building, some buildings are good, some bad; stick with the south side of the complex for the best neighbors. I must say though, that if someone's at the pool and being loud, no apartment is safe from the noise. <br> <br>All in all, I recommend this complex because of the management and the decent quality of the apartments themselves. All apartments have and upside and a downside, it all depends on what you can live with.
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The Granite at 34th

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