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Alcove Oaks

500 Tish Circle

Arlington, TX 76006



Former Resident · 2019 - 2020
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Office Staff
when i was helping a STRANGER move out.... since she was 4 mos. pregnant w/3yr old too ALONE & ORDERED TO IMMEDIATE BEDREST! She sold her furniture to survive, i met her at a church...she had to get out since she has no money & nor do I...so, i moved her out while she was admitted to the hospital at 24weeks 3cm dilated... i cleaned it IMMACULATE...but as i cleaned i noticed cleaning the kitchen reminded me of CLEANING A TRAILER HOME for hunting! I was in once. also i had NO IDEA REFRIGERATORS could be BUILT SO CHEAPLY??? cheap plastic everything inside! thin, flimsy, just SAD. the RENT IS HIGH ENOUGH FOR A SKYSCRAPER IN DOWNTOWN DALLAS except you just get CRAP IN ARLINGTON. go somewhere else. THE "FAIR HOUSING ACT" ONLY PROTECTS THESE GREEDY MONSTERS not the poor trying to survive. 60 day notice???? how often does the poor have the LUXURY of 60 DAYS to move??? ALMOST NEVER! talk about GOUGING?! used to be 30 days! so PAIGE at the ALCOVE OAKS apts. said "SINCE YOU SAY THEY ARE SO CRAPPY, WE NEED MORE TIME TO TRY & FIND SOMEONE TO TAKE THEM?" really? just SAD all around... #Peace #GodBless #TruthMatters CHOOSE KIND life is short!
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Alcove Oaks

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