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Alcove Oaks

500 Tish Circle

Arlington, TX 76006



Resident · 2019 - 2020
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Office Staff
They take advantage of the plight of renters wherever they can luring them into illegal leases into buildings where they do not disclose the truth or uphold laws then punish people for making an issue over it. They breach leases from the get go by violating the laws that City already implemented. They are famous for disabling and taking advantage of minority groups who do not fully speak English and rob them blind charging the same rents luxury apartment owners do without any of the cleanliness, upkeep, or abiding by the laws. Often time they illegaly raise rents and if are aware of a renter's lack of knowledge make up charges that coincide with reality or fact extorting funds from innocent renters. When a building owner buys a building and plans on housing people they need to abide by health and safety rules fully so that renters keep their health and they are kept fully safe. Tenants have a right to be and feel safe where they live. If building owners refuse to first make the property habitable before allowing citizens to rent those properties they cannot be allowed to rent and profit. We are looking foward to upgrading legislation to not allow for wealthy slumlords to slip through the cracks of justice. WE DEMAND CHANGE!
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Alcove Oaks

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