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scoobertanddot • Resident 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/11/2014
I would like to file a formal complaint about Sage Canyon. I have had nothing but problems with the staff here since after I first signed. It takes months and a million work orders for anything to get done. The new leasing manager here lies a lot. He does not follow the law. I have witnessed him discriminate against a disabled person. He is not trustworthy. Even when he signs something he does not want to honor it! Do not trust -----! He tries to use, scare tactics to force you into changing your lease in the middle of it He says He says that it is his prerogative to change his mind and not even notify you or follow federal or state laws! He is deceitful! Please don't risk moving in here! He also said that next year he already anticipates raising rates profusely as some new apartments will be built nearby. He also information in your lease without your permission to many others. He seems nice the first time, but I guess that people must call him a bully a lot because in my first conversation with him (as well as to several other tenants that I have spoke to about it) he said, I am not a bully and because I want to follow the letter of the law (meaning company ideas even though those break federal and state laws) everybody is mad at me, for following the letter of the law. Although, when I have looked up some decisions he has made I see that he has clearly broken many laws. He also says a lot (without you mentioning court or suing him) that won't hold up in court, I didn't break the law and my first priority is to the company, and then to tenants. Just don't risk the headache and the lies. Also, get absolutely EVERYTHING in writing and signed if you decide to chance it and be prepared to wait for a very long time (usually months) to get any work orders completed. I could go on and on, there is so so so so soooooooooo much more! I have so much evidence, (paper) to prove these things! I know of many tenants, through personal conversation, who do not like it here because of ----- and ------- and they will not be renewing and will be sure to tell their friends and family to stay far away from here! I sure know that I will! I will make sure to inform people everywhere that I go! Also, showing them all of my paper proof and if they would like more evidence, I sure do have it. I think that Sage Canyon will be tied up in quite a few lawsuits soon. Let me leave with this Biblical truth, Genesis 12:2, "I will bless those who bless you and curse those who treat you with contempt...." Vengeance is the LORD's and I honestly pray that these people come to Jesus and are saved and happy and blessed and act as a blessing to others. If they do not though, I really don't believe that they will be allowed to go on this way forever. Praying for a positive blessing for people here. The morale is so low and I really miss how nice it was here when -------- was here! I do not want to slam people, but I also want to help others not to get themselves into this same position that so many of us are in! To let you know also, ----- came to the office December 2013, so in my opinion, any positive reviews before that date are probably because he wasn't here then.
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