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Office Staff
Resident 2014 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/22/2016
From day one I've had problems with this apartment complex.From maintenance not cleaning up their mess after coming to patch up things, yes I said patch up! They don't fix things they just patch it up and then you turn around and have to call in a request for the same thing twice or for a third time. They charge you 1200+ for rent and your still having issues. One part of your apartment is hot, while the other side is cold. There's no where to park, you end up parking in the visitors space damn near a mile away from where you live. Why? Because they refuse to tell the people if you have more than one vehicle only one can be parked in front of your building and the others needs to be parked in the visitors parking. At one time I had drug users living above me, every time they light it up my kids and I could smell it through the vents. At times they would even get drunk and high, then start fighting. The water bill is ridiculous!! They run the water sprinkler's with water running everywhere but the right place. The sprinkler waters the parking lot instead of the grass. Then they you get this high --- water bill and they expect you to pay it. This month my water bill was 30.00 more than what I normally pay. I pull out 6 mths worth of water bills to compare them and 82.00 is the highest I've ever gotten. And I've in the Aria Apts since 2014.. The only response I get about why my water is so high is, well everyone else bill is high as well! And your bill is high because people tend to use more water in June-July.. What really? If you stop freaking watering the streets our bill wouldn't be so high. Then she responded well their nothing I can do about it. My bill was the highest in my section and everyone has about the same amount of people living in the apt as me. It's me and my 2 kids, so a total of 3 people for 82.00 smh, its ridiculous for an apartment. The staff is rude as ---- and quick to jump the gun, then have the nerve to get an attitude. I wouldn't refer anyone to this apartment complex. They will rip you off. How can pay 1200+ in rent a month and get this type of treatment and plenty of attitudes? On top of that someone tried to break into the apt next door..smh.. And from my understanding they don't seem to care if a bad review is written after speaking with one the the apts agents this morning.??
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