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2108 Calais Way

Arlington, TX 76006



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/27/2007
4 days after moving in, we tried to move out. We had to file a complaint with TAA, Timberland partners and the public complaints department of Arlington just to get repairs done. Written letters, phone calls, and office vists were pointless. We were told that because we got a move in special that we shouldn't be complaining about maintenance requests that needed to be done. It started with the closet and cabinet doors then the dryer, washer, microwave, dishwasher, toilet, light fixtures, AC and then the leaking ceiling. Any questions? <br><br>We felt violated and we were highly disappointed from the start. I still fear the worst for all of the renters who are suckered in. Don't let the floor plan fool you... it cost us more than it was worth because of the $250.00 electric bills in our (1.5 bedroom) apt due to poorly insulated windows. <br><br>When our neighbor's place was broken into a while back, we began to realize the truth. <br><br>I used to stay up wondering who was driving by at 1:30am every night with the same theme music and what or who they were looking for. Nobody told the new tenants that curbside TRASH pickup was only charged but no longer offered. We found an apartment complex with a unique home like feel, children playing outside and occupied by a group of middle aged working African American tenets. <br><br>Those were the very things that brought us there, but that place has a very dark side... and it began with management or lack thereof. I urge every renter to read the comments carefully...There is truth in numbers and we all can't be wrong. Know what you're moving into! <br>
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