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destroymichael • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/11/2007
I've had trouble with this complex from the very start.<br><br>I moved into this complex because I needed a new place to stay and my friend had lived here for a year and it seemed like a pretty nice place when he lived there. He was moving out, so I decided to move into his apartment.<br><br>The first thing I noticed was that the management was rude, unorganized and uneducated. I lived about twenty minutes away at the time, and my work schedule only allowed me certain small amounts of time to be present at the office to give them my information, money orders for the deposit and pro-rated rent, sign the lease, etc. Every time I asked if it was a good time for me to come by and hand them my money or to fill out paperwork they would give me some excuse and ask why I was in such a hurry to move in. Who argues when someone is trying to give you money?? Unfortanately they ripped us off as far as charging for rent. My friend only payed around $600 and had a student discount. They charged us $745 for the same apt. and didn't give us our student discount.<br><br>The process of my roommate and I moving in was delayed by almost a month when they claimed that there was a pet stain in the apartment from the previous owner (my friend) that was forcing them to replace the carpet. My friend had lived in that complex for at least a year, and I knew him for most of the time that he was there and was over there very frequently. I know for a FACT that an animal NEVER set foot in that house while he was leasing the apartment. When I told the management this, they again argued with me and said "well it's there, and you're going to have to wait." In the meantime, I guess I'll just SLEEP UNDER THE BRIDGE. I soon learned that management was going to be a frequent problem. If I had a question or needed to pick up a package in the office, or anything that involved the ladies in the office, I dreaded going there becaue they were always gone. They would leave early, take extra long holidays and would sometimes just...not be there when they were supposed to be.<br><br>After moving in, there were many problems with the apartment that needed fixing. There were holes in the walls that weren't there when we officially viewed the apartment, or when my friend lived there. Electrical outlets were coming out of the walls. The locks on the front and back doors were so difficult to work that my roommate's key broke off in the door and we had to go get a copy of the key made. One of the screen doors leading to the backyard had fallen off while my friend lived there, and they hadn't fixed it before we moved in. It's been six months and it still hasn't been fixed, despite requests. We moved in during the hot summer months, and of course the air conditioner didn't work. We had to wait three days for someone to come and look at it and when he did come to look at it, all he did was mess around with the breaker switches until it came back on. We would frequently have to toggle the breaker switches just to get the air conditioner to work, because no one at that place is qualified to make any kind of repairs, nor do they show up upon request. The upstairs toilet hardly flushes and needs plunging constantly. Despite requests to have it looked at, no one has ever come. And those are just the problems that were immediately noticeable upon the first month or so of living there.<br><br>We soon began to realize what an eyesore the dumpster is. It happens to sit right behind our apartment and it seems like trash day never comes...that stuff will pile up and overflow until it's all over the street. It's unattractive, foul-smelling and embarrassing. It's hard to imagine that this small of a complex could produce that much trash within one pick-up period.<br><br>After about two months, the backdoor stopped working correctly. It wouldn't stay shut unless it was locked, and it became very difficult to lock without fear of breaking the key off in the door (even moreso than when we first moved in.) On Christmas day, my roommate came home to find both doors unlocked and the back door wide open. Nothing was stolen, so it's unsure whether we had been broken into or if the management had simply entered our home without telling us beforehand and left the doors unlocked. It took them four months and this final incident for them to finally fix the backdoor.<br><br>After three months, our water bill drastically increased even though our water usage had not changed at all. We went from having a $19-$20 monthly bill, to a $50-$60 monthly bill. When I stopped by the office to ask them about it they said that the previous management had made a mistake and was billing everone in the complex wrong and that this bill was correct, even though when we moved in we were told our water bill would NEVER be higher than $20 and if it were to come talk to them. I told them this and they simply said "I don't know, but this is how it is supposed to be." Apparently, as I found out, for this complex, as with many other complexes, there is one big water bill for the entire complex which is then divided up between each resident. How can that be fair my roommate and I had not even stayed there, showered or washed dishes hardly at all the past month? If we were using significantly less water than in previous months, why should our water bill skyrocket?? They had no explanation for this.<br><br>Most recently, our mailboxes were broken into. Now our mail is being delivered to another post office and STILL don't know where. Perfect timing, considering I am expecting my W2 form in the mail ANY DAY NOW.<br><br>Unfortunately, I don't have one decent thing to say about this complex. In fact, I'm sure I'm leaving a lot out. The management is rude, the grounds are depressing and unsafe and major problems go unfixed for months (if they ever DO get around to them.) Thankfully, my lease is up next month.
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