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Oak Chase Apartments

4924 Sigmond Dr

Arlington, TX 76017



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Princess4lifer • Resident 2001 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/03/2007
I've lived in Oak Chase for a little over 6 years (that alone should tell you something). Yes, I've seen the carousel of managers come and go, but the management staff we have now (TyRee and the others) are by far the BEST. They will go out of thier way to make sure things are taken care, even the smallest little detail. Let me show you an example of some of the detail they pay attention to. When they painters came and re-painted the building, so paint was dripped accidently on some of the residents cars. Things happen. Rather the staff saying "Too bad, you should have moved your car", they paid for the paint to be removed, which included new paint jobs for some residents.<br><br>The management staff has come up with a Kid's Club, that does activities with the children. They have parties to show their apprecition to the residents. They have even stood outside and passed out breakfast on the go to the people leaving for work in the mornings. They aren't required to do that.Standing outside at 6am, when they don't have to be in the office until 9am. They do that because they want to show their appreciation. Ever seen any other management group stand outside, wish you a good morning handing donuts and coffee?? I don't think so.. If anything, you had to go to the office to get it, if they even had it there.<br><br>They have even basically housesat for me when I go on extended vacations, making sure everything looks ok, fliers aren't left on the doors, and that no one is allowed in the apartment while I am gone. What other place would do that for you?<br><br>They even have a video library in the office where on EVERY Friday, you get FREE (Yes FREE) popcorn with your movie rental. Know of others that do this for their residents?<br><br>Trust me, TyRee and I didn't start off on a good foot. But we've worked past that and I think that she and her staff (office, maintence) are the best.<br><br>The maintenace staff is awesome. Always quick to answer and repair what needs to be done. Even down to the smallest thing, such as changing a washer in the faucet. I've had a few times that I have had to call them on the weekends or later in the evening, and they have always been happy to respond. <br>The grounds are kept up, they now have included Dog Stations, so residents can clean up after their pets, rather than leaving it there. The pools are always clean and functioning.<br><br><br>The other thing that Oak Chase has to offer is a Courtesy officer. He is APD police officer that lives on property. Whether he is on duty with the police force, or off duty and is home, he will handle complaints after hours. Very nice man, who is always willing to help.<br><br>In the 6 years, I have seen Oak Chase go from being just another apartment complex, to being "home". After all, home is where the heart is and these guys and girls are nothing but heart.<br><br>I'm not saying that Oak Chase is perfect, granted, like every other complex in the city,(which is basically taking the population of a small city/town and putting it in one central location) there will always be some type of trouble, but TyRee and her staff handle any incident with the utmost professional courtesy and care.<br><br>I would consider it almost a priviledge to have a management and maintencance staff that we have at Oak Chase. <br>Happy New Years Oak Chase!!
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Oak Chase Apartments

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