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Pavilion Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/09/2005
I lived at the Pavilion Apartment for over 4 years. Of which, I thoroughly enjoyed it. However, during the summer of 2005, the complex was sold. Most of the managment moved on, as well. I thought I would give them the benefit of the doubt. I was wrong.<br><br>Shortly after most of the old management and maintenance were gone, my potty overflowed while I was away. Upon arriving home, my bathroom, vanity, and part of my bedroom were flooded. Emergency maintenance never returned my call that evening. It wasn't until the next morning, after the complex opened, that I was able to get ahold of a leasing agent and get someone out there. At that point, I realized that the "new" maintenance crew was completely incompatent. <br><br>Several times, my neighbors and I reported the growing rat population. To my knowledge, nothing has yet been done about it. They live in the walls, ceiling, and trees right outside your windows. EEEKKKK!!!<br><br>Several times, we also reported broken sprinkler heads that used to be fixed immediately. However, since the new management has moved in, there are several "Old Faithful" spouts around the complex. What a waste of water!! Now most of the bushes and vegetation are dead, and overall the complex looks terrible.<br><br>Several of the new residents that moved in are beginning to tear the place up too. People are driving into the gates, and littering everywhere. But because the maintenance is rotton, nothing is being fixed. The gates remain broken, and the place is looking more like a "dump" each day.<br><br>Plus, I talked to several of the new neighbors - only to find out that they were trying to fill up the complex with any "Tom, ----, and Harry" that moved in. Their rent was unbelievably low. Then, management had the audacity to increase my rent upon the next lease renewal. Thank the Lord that I did not renew, gave notice, and moved out as quickly as I could.<br><br>I am so sorry to see this nice complex go down hill so quickly. It used to be a lovely place to call home, but now I wouldn't even consider living there.
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Pavilion Apartments

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