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Ranch Three0Five

305 Ranch Drive

Arlington, TX 76018



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anasmedic • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/06/2007
I have lived in apartments for the last 5 years in states from Florida to Nevada (twice in Texas) and this is the worst apratment complex I have been in to date. We moved in January 2006. The application process went very smoothly, especially considering I did all the paperwork via fax and mail.<br><br>When we arrived at the complex after driving for 12 hours, the girl in the office had no idea that we were moving in that day. The person I had been dealing with and whom I had told the date and time of my arrival, decided to leave early without passing on any information about our arrival.<br><br>The girl that was there was very helpful, though and did all she could to get us in the apartment that night. Since there was no written information in the file regarding what our contract would be, she offered the special they had at the time, which worked out to be a better deal for us.<br><br>Unfortunately several days later we were called into the office and notified that there had been a mistake and that the offer could not be honored. The option was accept what they were now offering or move out since, at this point, they had not given us the finalized copy of the lease. We had nothing to hold them to it with.<br><br>Shortly after this, management changed and things got really bad. First we received an eviction notice. We had paid our rent on time every month so this was a complete surprise. I went down to the office and was told the manager was too busy on a call to see me. I waited and, as it turns out, it was yet another mistake on their part- I was not getting evicted; however, they had miscalculated the water costs and I had to pay another $200 that month to make up for their mistake- strike 2.<br><br>While I was out of town, my wife called me because there was some serious yelling outside our window. We complained, nothing was done. I have had cars block my garage. When I called the office/courtesy officer I waited 45 minutes before the owner of the car showed up and left. Neither the office nor the courtesy officer ever showed or respond to my calls.<br><br>Some other issues are extremely poor insulation; which makes the apartment an energy nightmare. My apartment is 1100 sq/ft and my power bill averages $200, and that's keeping the heat off most of the winter!! And, the best, is the storage in the balcony...WHAT A JOKE! It's a broom closet. Another good one is the speed track around the property. People speed HEAVILY on the property and nothing gets done. Maybe they'll learn whe someone get's hit or two speeding idiots crash head on around the corners.<br><br>Finally, our lease was due to come up. We went to the office to ask about moving to a different unit, but were told they did not do transfers (although my lease specifically montions this in a clause). I asked about changing at the end of the lease and was told I would have to give new deposits and then wait up to 60 days to get the other deposit back. Not just that, if I want to stay in my current apartment, our incentive is a $200/mo increase in rent!!<br><br>These people are unreal. I guess the only satisfaction I got was that, while I was discussing the increase with them, I pointed out that no other apartment in the last 5 years has raised my rent when renewing a contract for a full year. When the idiot at the office said that this was standard in the industry, several people who were there to look at apartments told her she was mistaken and left.<br><br>I don't expect my deposit back. I have a pet and even though I will have the carpet cleaned by the same cleaning service they use, I'm sure they'll find a way to screw me out of it.<br><br>Take this as a warning. DO NOT MOVE IN TO RRR. Since I have moved here, I have found better priced apartments with similar amenities and much more competent management and plan on moving at the end of the month. DO YOUR RESEARCH!! If you are moving locally, go to other complexes and talk with residents, not just management.
Ranch Three0Five Manager12/29/2016

Thank you for your valued feedback. -Rock Ridge Team

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Ranch Three0Five

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