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Springfield Crossing



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nascar0800 • Resident 2003 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/01/2007
I use to live in Springfield Crossing in 2003-2006, for a few years. I love where I live now. I live in Centreville and now this is what I call home. Not here at Springfield Crossing. I lived in the Garden Syle apartments. I Thought I'd share my past experience, It was great for the first year. And then it became an aweful place to come home to. I highly don't recommend it to anyone with families or wants peace when you come home. Good for college kids. Not a good starter place. Let see where do I begin? Maintenence: it started off with my peep hole falling out of the front door to which I asked I can't even give you a number how many times to get it replaced. Such a simple task. Oh not only that during the time I didn't have a peep hole you could see right in and eventually the door fell completely off after office hours. Emergency maintenence, don't even bother with them!!! They were either too drunk or just didn't even call back. Thankfully my roomates boyfriend was able to fix it. That was not a big deal it was just the principle of having maintenence. Some how the staff allow families to 9 or 10 kids with 5 other family members to live in a 2 bedroom apartment. That can't be right. And they are paying way cheaper rent than me? Oh may I add to one night on Christmas Eve my apartment flooded because of pipes busted from upstairs and it looked like a construction sight after the fireman had to get the pipes tearing out the entire ceilling. No problem for that moment. Things like that happen sometimes. It stayed that way for months before maitenence could get their lazy bones up to my aparment to repair. My carpet was ruined from the flood to which caused mildew. I still had to pay rent on top of those damages that I didn't cause. If they can get a penny from you beside rent, they will. The amenity fees are rediculous due to half the time they were not available. "Maintenence issues" was the reason. The kids would also screw with the business center changing password causing no one else to be able to use the computers. Where are their parents??? My dog was a mut and they accused it a Chow. The vet determined it was not anything of Chow mix. While I was at work management tried to get rid of my dog without my acknowledgement. Since my dog hated the woman manager she coudn't get to her. I found out this matter when my neighbor next door called to tell me. I had to put up a stupid rediculous fight over that. I had a choice to keep my apartment or loose the dog. I said to them that was their risk for coming in my apartment in the first place to do an act that was not legal. Eventually I proved my case and was able to keep both my dog and apartment. My neighbors were so disgusting, they did get evicted by violating health codes, but because of them my apartment was soo infested with roaches and bugs. The grounds were disgusting. I was not the only one who had this problem. I had to leave all my furniture and my belongings there for 1-800-Got-Junk to get rid of when I moved out. I couldn't take them with me because the bugs had laid eggs in everything. Really gross I know. Maybe if the staff could've had someone come out to spray a long time ago it could've been prevented. Their excuse was they were busy. The apartment community is not secure. Half of the time the front security gate was always open and with the puney arm gate on the other side anyone can get through. The back side of the apartments has no gate keep in mind late night helicopters hovering over the area with search lights for the convict run aways from police running through at 2:00am with gun shots, quite often waking the entire neighborhood. If you don't mind coming home to 20 kids haning out on the stare wells and by your door as if they don't have any where else to go and promote violence/"gangsta attitude" 24/7, then this is for you. The most important is, the staff decided to not renew half the tenants who were what called upper class and keep the a like tenants. Do not complain to the office about anything because they will conveniently decide your a headache if you're giving them work to do and not renew your lease or possibly evict. If your kids get in trouble with the other kids, I warn you if you complain to office they will put you out. They don't care about anyone living there. They only care about their paycheck. Oh I forgot the numorous car break ins and mugging of innocent people just walking to their car. Just pretend you are happy and do the maintenence yourself, if you don't mind spending the extra bucks. With the staff change so many times I pray it is still not this way.
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Springfield Crossing

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