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Sutter Creek

2216 Plum Lane

Arlington, TX 76010



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/27/2012
This place is horrible. I would not recommend it to anybody. I only wish I had read these reviews before my husband and I moved in because if we had we would have never moved here. They are all definitely true and no exaggeration whatsoever. We have lived here for a year and will be finally moving out this weekend. In fact we are moving out 3 weeks early. Paying the rent for those weeks is worth getting out of this place early. 1st complaint: Our apartment is always hot 80 degrees. Our a/c literally runs the entire day and it never gets cooler. We called multiple times for maintenance to come out and all they ever do is clean the unit or change our air filter, which it never helps. The building is very poorly insulated and have huge cracks between the windows/walls and doors/walls. We have huge electric bills and a hot apartment... 2nd complaint: The amount of roaches in this place is disgusting. I clean our apartment weekly and the cockroaches are still around. We had pest control spray several times but it never seemed to do any good. 3rd complaint: I do not feel safe in this complex at all. A girl was shot and killed in the parking lot several months ago and this wasn't the first time that somebody was killed in these apartments. I will not go into the parking lot when it's dark out unless I am with my husband. Even then I do not feel all that safe and get inside my apartment as quick as possible. 4th complaint: The noise level is awful in this place. You here anything and everything...people fighting with each other...music blaring in their cars as they drive by...etc... 5th complaint: I actually have never used the pool here because I feel it is super dirty and once again I don't feel safe in the complex, but I know that it is closed more than it is open. When it is open, I see people who don't even live in the complex using the pool. Everybody and their dog can get into the gate. It might as well not even have a gate for that matter. More complaints: dishwasher has never worked correctly...dishes always come out dirty, our patio looks like it is about to fall off because of huge cracks in the foundation...also our railing isn't even properly screwed into the wall, very bad structural damage...I could go on and on about how horrible this place is. I just hope you take these reviews to heart and do not move in here. You'll regret it from the day you sign your name.
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Sutter Creek

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