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Timberlake Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/29/2012
Moving here was the worst decision of my life! It started out ok but gradually it's become a pseudo------- environment. There are ALWAYS people standing at bottom of stairs, breezeways, parking lots at all hours of the day and night. You cannot leave your apartment without having someone watch you. Add to that inconsiderate neighbors that think it is ok to yell, scream, party, and fight whenever they please. Two months ago, an incident occurred with the neighbors in my section. Approx 30 police officers had to be called out. Unless you complain to the staff, they are totally oblivious to the happenings going on here. They do NOT live onsite, they NEVER walk the property, and they LACK any kind of authority. Since my extremely noisy and obnoxious neighbors moved in a month ago, I have had to call the manager/staff practically every day to complain. Needless to say, the staff has not remedied the situation. The walls here are thin and you can hear your neighbors easily if they are loud. Good luck with parking too. They tried to improve parking by reserving spaces but there was always someone in my space. Manager's solution? For me to call the towing company which never came out!!! Kids constantly play in the breezeways and common areas unattended. We pay for pest control every month but they've only come to my apartment twice. I took care of the problem myself by buying pesticides and keeping my apt. clean. I believe that I am being charged the same for water and sewage as other tenants that have many people living in their apartments. When I complained, the staff told me that's the way it was. Now you may ask why did I stay so long? Solely because the rent was so low! But since they have raised the rent, the conditions have not improved, and my neighbors arrived here from hell, I am leaving, thank God! If you are the type of person that needs quiet and nice place to live, I don't recommend you move here! One upside: the apartments are a good size and a pretty good layout. I will miss my apartment BUT NOT living here!!! You couldn't pay me to stay here another month!!! By the way, I added this apartment as Las Lomas Apartments, and I will be adding my review there as soon as the complex has been verified.
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Timberlake Apartments

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