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400 E Pioneer Pkwy

Arlington, TX 76010



Resident · 2017
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Office Staff
I lived here since this summer and I hate it. I should've known it was something when I paid everything and a few weeks later they gave me the wrong lease contract so I paid more than I should. I had to do my own math and deduct it for the next months bills because they were not going to say a damn thing. You can't study or have a quiet off day because these old bed bug and roach infested apartments are always having construction done. When I first signed the lease the first 2 nights I didn't sleep there, because I still had to pack some more things. I should've checked the fridge and freezer after I signed the lease because when I finished packing and purchased groceries, I couldn't put anything away because it had roaches in the fridge and freezer. In the closet it had dead bed bugs and baby roaches.I had to clean and make my own plan to get rid of bugs and roaches the first 3 DAYS I was there!! I told the office and they mentioned that they do a regular spray hence the dollar you pay for pest control every month. The door seal isn't secure so ants and etc come through the cracks. Office staff are nice but they don't have a clue. I intially wanted 6 months, but Martha was like oh no these are great apartments and prices go up, so I signed my death sentence to 1 year!!! Plumbing is horrible as well and you'll end up having to turn your water off so it won't keep running. You pay a gate fee but the gates don't work. Police have been here 6 times in less than 4 months. There is a group of guys hanging out, walking around and I heard them tell someone they don't live here. It rubbed me wrong because they're literally here every other night just wandering at night . I gave up with being optimistic about this place, the rent is "cheap" but with this poorly made structures, it should be even more cheaper, I can literally hear my neighbor laughing at night. The location is great though, because you are down the street from everything. So if you don't mind poorly built, bug/insect infested, loud construction noises, suspicious individuals, and poor plumbing, WATERDANCE IS THE BEST CHOICE FOR YOU!!
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