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Willows Two Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/02/2005
The apartment was filthy when we moved in, There was water damage in the bathroom that they never fixed. People kept tearing the fence down next to our apartment and walking through the apartment complex. There are lots of people loitering around the property asking for a cigarette from anyone. There was a known drug dealer living in the building next to us that management didnt evict until he had already lived there for 3 years!! They also must not do criminal background checks because a woman who commited some kind of crime fled from that state to Texas and lived two doors down from me and one night out of no where a bounty hunter kicked down her door and shot off eight shots into her dog!! That was the worst thing that ever happened. The parents that live there must teach their children to run out into the parking lot just as a car is driving through because they did it all the time to me. You would always see young children no older than 5 playing outside with no adult supervision. The maintenance team sucks at fixing stuff. I saw apartment balcolnies fall down. The apartment complex is littered with stray cats that the management team feeds and names names like hydro?! The only positive thing I can say about this apartment is that they will work with you if you're short on rent. You practically dont have to pay at all!!! We had people parking in our parking space all the time because they werent marked very well. The walls in the apartments are paper thin so you cen hear everything your neighbor is doing (literally)
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Willows Two Apartments

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