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3401 at Red River



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sandrasucks • Resident 2006 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/03/2007
i just got my deposit check and it was for half of the amount i was supposed to get and i didn't do ANYTHING to that apartment that would justify this. in fact, i didn't do anything at all. my roommate and i were clean and neat. we never partied and we left the place cleaner than we got it, KNOWING that we put in money for the deposit, but sandra is just choosing to keep the money. she's a mean, hateful woman and we put up with her rudeness for an entire year, but this is ridiculous. she's tried to steal some things that we left in the apartment (just like the person who's fridge was left behind) when my roommate turned in the key and i did not. she lied about some rule stating that when one key was turned in, the whole apartment is turned in. that's ludicrous. and even if that did make sense, that doesn't give her the right to just go in and take my stuff for her own apartment (and yes, that's what she was doing cause that's where she got it out of-- it wasn't even in the trash) she does her best to ruin your day, everyday. she acts like it's your fault if anything goes wrong with the apartment. THE PLACE IS JUST OLD. you can't even get a bulb replaced (flourescent lighting) without her making you feel like crap for it. i usually avoided her when i had to run downstairs for mail or on my way to and from class. she's just a nasty person and i'm sorry for anyone who's ever come in contact with her. if you've met her, you know what i mean.
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3401 at Red River

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