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3401 at Red River



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/12/2007
I have lived at Century Square Apartment on Red River Street for over 3 years now. It used to be one of the best apartments one can find closest to UT north campus. However, in the recent years, ever since the new manager by the name of Sandra took over this place, everything went to hell.<br>I will briefly discribe what have happened and changed negatively:<br>1. No visitor parking is desinated, and all tenants with parking passes accidently falling off the windshield gets towed, no exceptions. Visiting friends are not allowed to get a temporary pass, only parents can for 2 or 3 days.<br>2. Office hours never stable. Supposedly it open from 8:30 to 5 Mon~Fri. But it's more like 9 to 4 on average and only 3 and half days per week open. Numerous times I need to go pick up a package in the office and find it already closed way before it's official time.<br>3. Terrible mail service. The mailbox are ridiculously small. Many of our mails gets bend and torn and sometimes destroyed. Obviously, the mailman can't get into the office sometimes because it's closed too early. But the problem is rather than going straight to your apartment or wait until next day, he squeezes everything into the mailbox! I have had broken CDs, DVDs, bent college diplomas, certificates, etc all messed up.<br>4. No matter what problems you have or needs fixed in your apartment, when you go in to report it, Sandra will never look at you when you are talking to her. In fact, she pretty much acts like "are you done whining yet, I get it, this place is dumpy, so leave!" But when people choose to leave because of unfixed housing problems (or most of the time, partially or temporarily fixed) such as broken heater/AC, old refrig breaking down, stained carpets due to service people changing toilets and not care about cleaning....etc, Sandra will take reduction off their security deposit and when you complain, you get something along the line of "you messed this place up, you gotta pay for it"!<br>5. The rent keeps going up...except nothing gets updated or renewed. The place is rotting, and they are waiting for people to get mad and leave so they can use everyone's security deposit to buy new stuff. Besides, old tenants to them are only going to ----- more than new tenants anyway!<br>6. Many cars have been broken into simply over a coupon booklet let on dashboard. When reported to the office, Sandra asks you to report to the police and write up a report so she can keep it in the office files. End of story. Break-ins still happens occasionally in the underground garage.<br><br>Do not let yourself get into this heavenly looking hell. It may seem nice from the outside, but trust me, it's moldy, dirty, filthy, old, and occupied by a manager that will make you want to become a lawyer!!
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3401 at Red River

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