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900 W. 23rd Street



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/27/2007
The good Location. And its a relatively new place with parking. The Bad Thin walls, you can hear everything! I can hear my own roommates as well as the people above and below me. If there is a party you will know about it. Someone from the 4th floor vomited onto the 3rd floor and it was never cleaned up until the weather finally washed it away. No pets allowed. The garage is very awkward. For a 3/2 bedroom, we were given 2 asigned spots but none of us could park in one of the spots because it was so small without getting our car seriously dented up. We could park on the roof but that is not guaranteed. You have to be very careful going up or down on the ramp so you don't hit anyone because it is so narrow. And a couple of weeks ago the entrance gate wouldn't open, so no one could put their car in the garage. There was no where to park and it took a week to fix it. Its annoying that we have a card to enter our place, I wish there was a clicker. The rooms are super small!! 10 feet by 10 seems bigger on paper, but just to put it in perspective My bathroom is attached to my room and the bathroom is bigger than my room. The closet is small too. It seemed okay without any clothes in the closet but with clothes I had to detach the closet doors to get to my clothes in my closet. People come into my apartment all the time from the management without any warning. I think they like the element of surprise. They come in to drop random things off instead of just sliding it under the door or putting it in my mailbox. I put in a complaint about this and I was told that they weren't doing anything illegal but that it was unethical. After I had already signed the lease a realtor told me that they call Craig Coffee, the manager of 900 West 23rd St., "Creepy Craig." Coffee still lives with his mother and this is the only place he manages, so he is always around. He is really rude and suspicious. He knocked on the door once and I had just gotten out of the shower, so I did not let him in and he called me later to ask if I was hiding a dog. No! I just didn't want to let him in at that time! I told him I would like notice before he enters my place and he asked (very rudely), "Is there a reason that you do not want anyone entering your place?" Yes, do you like people to come into your place all the time without warning. In addition he called to show my place 30 minutes before he planned on showing it. He didn't even wait to hear back, just showed the place. I know landlords have the right to access your place but they should not be able to do it 24/7 without notice. It is expensive for what you get. When I first came to look at the place it looked nice enough. But the elevator always smells like old sweat socks and has trash in it. Vomit never cleaned up. The trash bids are so small that people tend to just scatter it on the ground. It is so gross. There is no parking around here if your friends want to visit. I had 3 friends get towed this last year visiting me. But I guess that is true of all west campus. Don't live here, take my advice. I wish I had known. If you are female keep mase by the door. Don't find out why Craig Coffee is called Creepy Craig!!!
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900 W. 23rd Street

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