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Resident 2006 Recommended
Reviewed 11/28/2006
I moved here in may of '06 because it was less than 0.5 miles from my job and will leave at the end of november '06 because I'm going to school in San Marcos. I was very reluctant to come to this place after hearing the horror stories with the severed hand, prostitutes, etc... However, I've had no issues to date-issues with crime or vandalism that is. I had a coworker that lived here from 2001-2003 that had no major issues himself other than the occasional unsavory character. Bear in mind that I grew up in an urban environment in the NYC area-the sight of a transvestite or a group of loitering black thug-looking types or a family of 10 -------- living in a single efficiency apartment is not particularly unsettling. The water bill is based on total consumption divided by number of units so you are sharing the bill for that family of 10, however, my bill was always around 15/month which included refuse. The pool is really nice and I lucked out with a balcony that overlooked it. The management was pretty decent depending on who was there. Hugh turnover rate!-management and tenants. I would see someone new in the office every time I went. As for the tenants, it is interesting to note that much of the shadier element had left by the time I've written this review. I guess the bad tenents come in waves and eventually are washed out of the system through their own social disfunction, leaving behind a constituent that would characterize this community- emerging blue-collar immigrant families. Certain units had a constant flux of people coming and going so I think it is safe to assume that drug use and distribution are prevalent. However, I never once saw your prototypical vagrant "crack-head," so maybe it's just the "recreational" drugs (pot, pain-killers, glue, amyl nitrates, sea-monkey dust, etc.). I only saw cops on the scene once which was probably some domestic incident. I got a flyer in my door about a month into my lease warning tenents that there was a "robbery" on the grounds-no details were revealed as to the nature of offense but I think the management is wise to alert the residents to suppress rumor. I lived on a second floor approximately 410 square feet and cooling the unit was somewhat expensive(windows don't have thermal barrier, vaulted ceiling, door not sealed at bottom). With the thermostat stuck on a comfortable 78 you're looking at a $110 electric bill in July. When I first moved in there was this odd maintenence guy who usually took two visits to fix a problem. The first visit I would be away from the apartment and he would simply write out a receipt for the repair and NOT ACTUALLY DO IT and so then I would alert management and he would come back the next day while I'm watching him and then fix the problem in front of my eyes. This didn't perturb me as each step was executed on a next-day basis and I eventually developed a nice rapport with the guy but soon afterwards he was fired so I guess management gets an A for being proactive. My one major grievance was that, apparently the last guy who lived there maintained his dwelling in the spirit of Carter Hayes (Micheal Keeton) from "Pacific Heights" and implemented a fairly significant roach infestation that would manifest the month following my move-in. Management sent over a pest-control guy who examined the problem areas for about 10 minutes, visibly awestruck by the volume of roach turd matter, and finally exclaimed, "Yep! You've got one helluva roach-infestation!"... Impressed by his power of deduction, I looked on with eager anticipation as he proceeded to smear a goop-substance along every crack/crevice in the bathroom/sink area. God knows what was in that stuff because within 24 hours the infestation had been totally eradicated, I mean I didn't see a single solitary roach for the remainder of my lease. Amazing stuff. Parking is a hassle during peak hours (8pm-midnight) so you end up having to park in front of the lease office which is illuminated so there's little chance of a break-in. Free cable and Internet! I chose to keep my dedicated time warner internet service due to the bandwidth limitations of the "in-house" cable internet. There's a 7-11 right around the corner which is convenient. Some of the neighbors would get loud and blast their car subwoofers but that was usually restricted to friday or saturday night which is acceptable if you follow a normal work week. The last month of my lease this white-trash family moved into the community. I guess they decided to do-it-up "cosmopolitan-like " evolving from the double-wide on cinder blocks primordial soup to the relatively luxurious marlborough square first floor apartment adjacent to mine and damned if you can't take the trailor out the redneck as they would frequently partake in miller high-life-induced domestic quarreling which would usually include bottles being thrown, trucks peeling-out of the parking lot, i.e. your normal run-of-the-mill raisin' hell situations. This didn't really discourage me, it was actually a source of entertainment-a welcome distraction from the bleak world of 2am reruns of "the simple life" and the stench of coffee-pee. I digress and so will wrap up this critique in a summary of key points:<br><br>Pro's- Good value (I saved up a tone of $$$ living here), pool is maintained, crime lower than years past, free cable/internet, proximity to corporate district, 7-11, nice management (as of late), earnest hardworking low-income families and docile handicapped/retirement folks are the ones who stay<br><br>Con's- Some bad apples but they migrate elsewhere, inefficient cooling, parking is cramped and entrance has annoying design flaw (It's like the intersection was displaced at some point), three blocks away from murder and mayhem, some appliances may be old/malfunctioning, collective water bill, may have a colony of roaches in your soon to be inhabited walls-lying dormant...watching ... waiting<br> <br><br>P.S. I'm pleased to report that a full security deposit was received, minus the water bill.
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