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Alara Cantebrea Crossing



Resident · 2013
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Office Staff
Recently moved in and I have to say these are the cheapest built apartments for the price... The noise from other apartments is very annoying and the squirrels in the roof/attic space are very annoying as well. Feels like I have an upstairs neighbor and I live on the highest floor, which is 3rd floor. Constantly have neighbors blaring music, the thumping is annoying but the singing is much worse. The office never answers, you are prompted to leave message and when you try to the answering service tells you to call the cops. WOW, I am not calling the cops for a noise complaint, I think their time is more valuable but that is what the apartment personnel think is the best way to handle this. The water bill is really high, they charge all kinds of fees they can think of. Recently they did something to the water flow, you only get a certain level of water flow, they put in some regulators or something. I have talked to several residents who live on the 3rd floor and they say they keep getting noise complaints because the neighbors below think they walk to loud. I try to be courteous and walk very lightly because I know how annoying stomping can be but it seems that walking normally gets you a lot of complaints. BUT the real problem is the cheaply built apartments. The office staff is rude and they don't answer their calls. But they sure as hell keep sending you rent reminders out the arse, they sure want their rent but don't address noise issues. Parking sucks because people bring in there trailers and park them in unassigned parking spaces that take up your space if you are not purchasing covered parking. The head maintenance guy is great!
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Alara Cantebrea Crossing

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