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ALARA Canyon Creek



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haleigh894 • Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 10/15/2005
I am not too sure what all of the other people are complaining about... I have lived here for 9 months now and have had absolutely no problems! I have a 5 month old baby and she sleeps without a problem and is NEVER awaken by any noise throughout the complex. Yes, the walls are a bit thin, but that comes with any apts. that you are not paying and arm and leg for. The view is beautiful and I have never seen the trash overflowing. For the people in the previous reviews who are upset about walking a few feet to the dumpster.... do you want to be able to throw it off your balcony and smell the trash? I don't get it! The prices are great... absolutely nothing to complain about. My A/C unit messed up once, and the maintence were here within 10 mins. to fix it. That was definitely a plus! They are busy men and as a stay at home mom, I always see them around the complex from apt to apt helping tenants out and picking up trash. For the people who complain about the below average people living here... you need to understand that this is Austin, where there are tons of college students, so unless you pay over $1000 a month, you are going to have some average people here. You should have seen the people that don't meet your standards when you moved in... or since it's so bad, break your lease and move to a more expensive apt. You obviously have the money and can afford it! I have not had to deal with the office staff one time and nothing in my apt has broken. The bills are completely reasonable and I love this complex. I would recommend it to anyone. For those of you writing negative comments... there has to be something personal between you and the staff or "we are too much of an average complex" for you to like. Get a life! Why live in an apt like the Mansions and pay all that money, when you could live in a house for that price?
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ALARA Canyon Creek

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