Bridge at Center Ridge
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Bridge at Center Ridge

701 Center Ridge Drive, Austin, TX 78753
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$1,099 - $1,819/mo



4.1 rating

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Resident 654973

Verified Resident 2013 - 2019


Its ok. Nothing else to say. G56j5h4g5g6j7udbub8rh8hdh8g8rh8he8h8eh8heh8rh8rh8hrhe88hw9h g 6bijonubrcwcef5h7g3g5h6h3g6h6h5h6h3gjhu

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    Resident 654693

    Verified Resident 2018 - 2019


    this are a beautifull apartments I move from new york and Im happy to be living on this apartments Its been 1 year since I move here and I dont want to move from this apts , i recommend to every peoples who wants to live in a great apts

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      Resident 654251

      Verified Resident 2018 - 2019


      Bridge apartment is the best place for to a nice places like domain downtown, office staffs are nice,also the utility service are quick to respond if you need them,the amenities of this place are the best.

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        Resident 654097

        Verified Resident 2019


        Move in was simple. Apartment was clean and ready. Staff was very nice and helpful. Very close to work and shops. Quiet and feels safe. I'm very excited to be here. Rent is reasonable considering the area

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          Resident 651494

          Verified Resident 2018 - 2019


          I have had a great experience thus far. The property is very well kept and the maintenance staff are great at responding to issues I have had. The office staff is very helpful and informative. I have enjoyed the experience so far.

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            Resident 651411

            Verified Resident 2018 - 2019


            It is a good place to live, overall the apartments are clean and maintained well. Whenever an issue arises, management is quick to respond with a solution. The only issue I have found living here is communication as well as parking. The gates do not work as they are now advertising as a non gated community.

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              Resident 650143

              Verified Resident 2017 - 2019


              I selected this apartment due to its close proximity to work, the wealth of businesses I shop at on Parmer Ln, and access to I35 and Mopac. I've been extremely happy with the quality of the apartment construction, availability of rental garages and carports, and quietness of neighbors. The office and maintenance staff have been excellent in every interaction I've had with them.

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                Resident 650074

                Verified Resident 2018 - 2020


                I moved here because it was so close to the bus station. The location otherwise is pretty good being close to shopping and major highways. My first year here was pretty good but then I got some terrible neighbors that moved in above me. The office staff couldn't really do anything about it and I ultimately had to call the police and file a noise complaint. I had a roach problem when I moved in and it took several months to get rid of them. They don't do a good job of keeping the grounds clear of dog poo despite testing and charging residents a fine. The couple that runs the community events is super nice and do a great job coming up with different ideas. Overall the apartments themselves are nice and have a pretty efficient layout. I appreciate the large utility room and bathroom in my unit.

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                  Resident 649515

                  Verified Resident 2018 - 2019


                  I love that the property is well kept, grounds look great, pool area renovated etc...I did have a severe issue with roaches and ants but all has been resolved. Maintenance is hardworking! They do a great job! Area has increased in theft though, many cars have been broken into... the apartment complex has since gotten surveillance cameras but this hasn't seemed to lessen the issue. A working gate is a must!!!!!!

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                    Resident 648474

                    Verified Resident 2013 - 2019


                    It is nice. Fairly quiet community. The cost for the amenities you get is high. Nothing has been updated since I moved in except for the office area and just this year, the pool. Most of the time, there are so many people in the pool it is not enjoyable for me. Maintenance is wonderful when you need them.

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                      Resident 647481

                      Verified Resident 2018 - 2019


                      Beautiful campus, polite staff. I particularly like the package lockers for amazon and others to use for dropoff. No stolen packages just before Christmas (or at all)! There's a wonderful pond with a walking path that has fish and frogs, and is frequently visited by herons. I love using it to entertain and educate my child. The three-level pool is gorgeous and big enough to not feel crowded even when in use by several families.

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                        Resident 647291

                        Verified Resident 2018 - 2019


                        Good experience except cleanliness issues near my building. Hey parking spaces are too narrow and too few.Good experience except cleanliness issues near my building. Hey parking spaces are too narrow and too few.

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                          Resident 645736

                          Verified Resident 2019


                          This is an honest review and not an angry review. Parking is terrible around late afternoon, random visitors shouldn't be able to take residence parking spots which causes us to walk a whole 2 blocks just to get to our own property. No speed bumps within the entrance which causes people to rev their engines and speed through the complex and almost hitting me if i didn't look both ways before crossing the street. Bugs randomly pop up into my apartment and had pest control come out multiple times and nothing has changed. The pool was supposed to be remodeled within last month (4/30/19) and haven't seen any progress. I get charged for pest control but bugs continue to occur later on the same day. I moved here because it's closer to my job but will most likely move else where once the lease is up. My hopes for this place was very high due to how great the leasing agent treated once they found out I wanted to give them my money.

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                            Resident 2011 - 2013


                            I have lived in this complex since February of 2011. In April of 2012, the property was purchased by CWS and the name changed to Marquis at Center Ridge. Prior to the change in ownership, this complex was ok but not recommendable. It's a good location and the grounds are nice. However, the buildings are not aging well, the parking is a nightmare, and the former office staff was indescribably unprofessional. The new management has been better. The office staff, at least, have been professional and pleasant every single time I have interacted with them. HOWEVER... I still cannot recommend this complex. When I leased this apartment, I leased it in my own name only. It's mine. My apartment. Not anyone else's. My boyfriend and I knew that he would not qualify, so he's not on the lease. This is my apartment and I ALONE am responsible for paying the rent. When CWS assumed the lease, they required that ALL occupants submit to criminal and credit background checks. My boyfriend had been previously listed as "occupant only, not a lessee." Now he is required to be on my lease, whether I want him there or not. To highlight the ridiculousness of… See More>
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                              Resident 2012


                              New Management same CRAP!!! Marquis at Center Ridge

                              Whether the management is with "Westwood Residentail" or "CWS Communities" They are still WORTHLESS apartments. The cost of living is UNRESEASONABLE!! A one bedroom one bath 660 SquareFT is going for $759!!! When I asked the apartment complex why the spike. They says it's like that EVERYWHERE!!! LIES, because i've checked and that is not the case. When Bella Springs changed management they falseifed documents and told the new management things that were never discused with the tenants. All and all this place is NOT worth your time. New management or not this place is NOT worth the money!!

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                                Resident 2009 - 2012


                                Office Staff are Crooks!

                                The leasing office was the worst, unprofessional people we have ever dealt with! Do yourself a favor stay away!!

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                                  Resident 2010 - 2012



                                  Pretty good location and at first glance these apartments look nice. However, the noise from I35 can be quite loud. And noise between units can sometimes be awful, even by apartment standards. Parking can be a challenge, and good luck getting a garage or reserved (covered) space. The office staff will promise you an immediately available garage or covered space in one conversation, then tell you nothing is available for months in the next. They can't manage a waiting list so their advice is to call back weekly and hope that you get lucky. Not only is it difficult to find a space anywhere near your building, several cars have been vandalized and/or stolen in the time that I've lived here. The clubhouse is nice, but too small to do much with party-wise and is priced as though it's a full sized banquet hall. Don't be fooled by their policy against large dogs or aggressive breeds. There are several pitbull mixes, and while there aren't a lot of large dogs they do have residents with whole HERDS of yappy small dogs. Many residents let their dogs run around off leash and not all of the dogs are very well behaved.… See More>
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                                    Resident 2009 - 2011


                                    They SCREW you when you move out on final bill!!!

                                    I lived here for two and a half years and just moved out mid December 2011. I actually liked my apartment on the inside, the kitchen was nice and big, I never had any problems with anything inside my apartment. I actually really did like this place and was only moving because they jacked the rent a lot higher than what was worth paying for a one bedroom here. Parking is a little bad at times but I did work nights and came home late, so I would have to park a little far sometimes. The computer in the business room was also stolen two times in the time period that I lived there and the big screen TV in the workout room was stolen once. They also take a long time to fix equiptment in the workout room (I'm a treadmill runner and at least one treadmill would constantly not work and they would let weeks go by before repairing). The water bill was a lot higher than I have ever paid at any other apartments. I lived in a one bedroom and paid $38-$40 bucks for my water bill every month which is excessive in my opinion! I lived my… See More>
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                                      Resident 2010 - 2011


                                      PLEASE READ BEFORE RENT!!! DON'T FALL INTO THEIR TRAP!!!

                                      TOO ALL POSITIVE REVIEWS, PLEASE EXAM THERE STAYING PERIOD. FOR THOSE WHO GIVE 5.0 I THINK THEY ARE NOT TRUE CUSTOMER. IT MAY BE A HUGH POSSIBILITY OWNER FAKING IT. This is the WORST apartments I ever stayed. Some previous reviews are right. The environment looks nice but don't let it fool you. The materials they using for apt are cheap, the billing system is awful, and the worst is the management. I stayed there for about a year and a half and this is my story to share with all. As you first prepare to sign the contract, the management gonna list a bundle of discount and benefits. However in fact, you will be paying back in your water bill. Let think about how do you feel if your water bill started with mid $50 and constantly trending up to mid $90 which I did question myself did we change the way we using water or is there a leak some where? Unfortunately, we did not add anything consuming more water or anything is leaking. So why does my bill keep raising? Moreover, the contract renew raise is making no sense to me. It is almost a hundred dollar raise… See More>
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                                        Resident 2008 - 2011


                                        the place is a JOKE!!!!

                                        been here 3 years, so here's the lowdown: - thin walls... you can hear the people above and below having wild-hot geek sex!!!! - the valley girls that work in the office are dumb as hell - maintenance is slower than Forrest Gump's brain functioning - water is allocated... so you're stuck paying for everyone else's toilet flushes - covered parking is --------... people park in your spots and management doesn't care cuz they don't wanna break a nail - the price you pay for rent a unit is outrageous... this ain't downtown!!! - I think the pool is nice... and so do the hood-rats that like to sneak in when the management office is closed - caught a member of managment allow her pooch to take a dump on the lawn... and she didn't pick it up. but she didn't have a problem telling me to pick up my doggie's hot mess! screw this place... Bella Springs is a joke... not even a good one, at that!!!!

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                                          Resident 2009 - 2011


                                          The WORST PLACE TO LIVE!!

                                          If your looking for an apartment complex that is over priced because of the location, walls so thin that at night you HEAR everyones business! This is the place for, and Amy the apartment manager will be happy to help you sign a lease! If your looking for LOUD neighbors, uncontrollable LOUD door slamming. Again this place is for you! If your looking to pay no more than $35 an no less than $28 dollars in water when your hardly ever there because of ALL the disturbances going on THIS IS BY FAR THE PLACE FOR YOU!!! If your looking for a nice complex quite and affordable with staff that show mire action than just talk!! RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN FROM BELLA SPRINGS AND BELLA SARAHS BECAUSE THIS IS NOT THE PLACE FOR YOU!! TAKE IT FROM SOMEONE THAT HAS BEEN HERE GOING ON 2 1/2 YEARS!

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                                            Resident 2010


                                            Not a good place for family

                                            1. Our complex has a nice pool area, but is usually occupied by non-tenants. 2. Staff ladies are good-looking, but are not good at their work. They don't communicate well to each other and sometimes look irresponsible. You always have to talk to the person that you initially did(when they work). 3. Many people walk their pets inside complex, but only a few pick up their poops. 4. Bad odor comes from a small pond inside complex and it seems like a source of mosquitoes(Avoid any unit near the pond, if you want to live here.). 5. We don't have enough dumpsters for all the tenants. It's always full and smells aweful.

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                                              Resident 2010 - 2011


                                              Nice place but the water/sewer bill is out of control UPDATE: Look elsewhere!

                                              UPDATE: My roommate and I moved out of our apt and Bella Springs had the nerve to send us a bill for $800 for carpet replacement citing "Pet Damage". We never had a pet! The stains on the carpet, which appeared everywhere through normal everyday use, is due to their choice of using CHEAP carpet. No matter what we did or how careful we were these black stains appeared. It wasn't "Pet Damage", it was from feet, flip flops, and sneakers! Normal things! And that was without hardly any rainy weather the entire year, so it's not like our shoes were covered in mud. They are also charging us for the stove drip pans! Really? We cooked, and not even that much! What a shocker!! Anyone who has had an electric stove knows the drip pans get stained through normal everyday use. To charge us for them is ridiculous and is the epitome of nit picking. They also said they were charging us for two days we weren't there! You see, the office was closed by the time we moved out before midnight on Nov. 1st, so we left our keys on the counter figuring they would come to inspect… See More>
                                                Review Author Icon


                                                Resident 2009 - 2012


                                                Do NOT waste your MONEY

                                                The office staff is egoistical, fashus and incompetent. They are UNORGANIZED and again will tell you any and every ones business. They do not practice morals, ethics or confidentiality within that office. They have not the slightest clue about customer service. To make matters worse the property manager Amy promotes and encourages the stupidity that runs through that office. If I could rate this place with all 0's I would; because rating it a 1 just would not justify how HORRIFIC this place really is. The pet policy a JOKE, they say they have breed restrictions they don't. They say that they are willing to help in any way! They LIE! This property is all about empty promises and false advertising. Amy and her staff will do whatever they can to get you in. But please do not fall for that! When I go in the office I really just want to tell everyone that walks in the office RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!! If you look at all the reviews minus this one. There are 12 BAD reviews and 7 reviews of residents that no longer live here but say this place was good. The Facebook… See More>
                                                  Review Author Icon


                                                  Resident 2010 - 2011


                                                  Fool's Gold

                                                  This place reminds me of "fool's gold" its so nice, people in charge are great, but if you scratch the surface you will find out this place is just a big charade. The paint is cheap the wall are cheap and thats just the aesthetics. They allows people with pets to not clean, therefore all the apartments grass is covers with dog poop. People can just park like idiots because this place really doesn't care. And the big issue noise control there's none. People can listening to music as loud as the want as long as in not during office hours because they DO NOT have security, there is no gate, and the entrance is always being re-built or it has a big hole they will ruin your tires. People drink in the parking lot, ohh but don't forget to pay rent on time the fines are pretty spiffy which they decided to change in he middle of my lease.

                                                    Floor Plans & Pricing

                                                    1 Bedroom


                                                    1 Bed, 1 Bath | 815 sq. ft.

                                                    $1,179 - $1,269

                                                    9 Available Units

                                                    See Floor Plan Details


                                                    1 Bed, 1 Bath | 565 sq. ft.

                                                    $1,099 - $1,149

                                                    4 Available Units

                                                    See Floor Plan Details


                                                    1 Bed, 1 Bath | 660 sq. ft.


                                                    4 Available Units

                                                    See Floor Plan Details

                                                    Disclaimer: Special, prices and availabilities subject to change.

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                                                    Features & Amenities

                                                    • Laundry On-Site
                                                    • Washer/Dryer Connections
                                                    • 1 Car Garage
                                                    • Controlled Access Garage With Remotes
                                                    • Covered Parking
                                                    • Free Parking
                                                    • Cats Allowed
                                                      Fee: $400 ~ 400. Rent: $20. Restrictions: Breed Restrictions Apply. Pet Limit: 2
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                                                      More Info
                                                    • Dogs Allowed
                                                      Fee: $400 ~ 400. Rent: $20. Restrictions: Breed Restrictions Apply. Pet Limit: 2
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                                                    • 24-hour management availability
                                                    • Air Conditioner
                                                    • Business Center
                                                    • Clubhouse
                                                    • Energy Efficient Dual Panel Windows
                                                    • Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Systems
                                                    • Fireplace
                                                    • Fitness Center
                                                    • High-Speed Internet
                                                    • Night Patrol
                                                    • On-Site Maintenance
                                                    • On-Site Management
                                                    • Pool
                                                    • Private Balcony
                                                    • Semi-private Entry
                                                    • Storage Space
                                                    • Vaulted Ceilings
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                                                    The Bridge at Center Ridge is located at 701 Center Ridge Drive, Austin, TX and is managed by Apartment Management Professionals, a reputable property management company with verified listings on RENTCafe. The Bridge at Center Ridge offers one- and two-bedroom apartments ranging in size from 565 to 1045 Amenities include Individual Air Conditioning, Fireplaces Available*, Private Balcony/Patio, Laundry Facilities, High Speed Internet Access, and more. This rental community is located in the 78753 ZIP code. For more details, contact our office at or use the online contact form and well get back to you as soon as possible.
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                                                    Office Hours

                                                    • Sunday: Closed
                                                    • Monday - Friday: 08:30 AM - 05:30 PM
                                                    • Saturday: 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM
                                                    This community is managed by

                                                    AMP Texas


                                                    Questions & Answers (1)

                                                    Asked on: 03/19/2018
                                                    Q: How easy is it to find guest parking?


                                                    Bridge at Center Ridge
                                                    A: Guest can park anywhere on property except for carports and garages. Otherwise, parking is first come, first serve.

                                                    Frequently Asked

                                                    Based on 294 number of votes by renters, Bridge at Center Ridge is currently rated 4.1 out of 5 stars.
                                                    Bridge at Center Ridge is rated 4.2/5 stars in our renters grounds survey, which is considered good. The grounds are generally well maintained and attractive.
                                                    Bridge at Center Ridge is rated 4.4/5 stars in our renters maintenance survey, which is considered good. The maintenance team is generally quick and efficient in fixing problems.
                                                    Bridge at Center Ridge is rated 4.1/5 stars in our renters noise survey, which is considered good. The noise level is generally tolerable, with occasional disruptions.
                                                    Bridge at Center Ridge is rated 3.7/5 stars in our renters safety survey, which is considered average. The complex has some safety concerns that need to be addressed.
                                                    Bridge at Center Ridge is rated 4.4/5 stars in our renters neighborhood survey, which is considered good. The complex is located in a generally safe and desirable neighborhood with good access to local attractions and services.
                                                    Bridge at Center Ridge is rated 4.3/5 stars in our renters staff survey, which is considered good. The staff is generally helpful and responsive, with occasional lapses.
                                                    Managers have responded to 100% of their community reviews in the past year.
                                                    Managers have replied within 2.12 days to their community reviews in the past year.
                                                    AMP Texas
                                                    Cats Allowed
                                                    Fee: $400 ~ 400
                                                    Rent: $20
                                                    Restrictions: Breed Restrictions Apply
                                                    Pet Limit: 2
                                                    Dogs Allowed
                                                    Fee: $400 ~ 400
                                                    Rent: $20
                                                    Restrictions: Breed Restrictions Apply
                                                    Pet Limit: 2
                                                    1 Bed, 1 Bath
                                                    2 Beds, 2 Baths

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                                                    Bridge at Center Ridge

                                                    July 2024





                                                    Bridge at Center Ridge is a 565 - 1,045 sq. ft. apartment in Austin in zip code 78753. This community has a 1 - 2 Beds, 1 - 2 Baths, and is for rent for $1,099 - $1,819. Nearby cities include West Lake Hills, Del Valle, Manor, Bee Cave, and Pflugerville.

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