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1720 Grand Avenue Parkway

Austin, TX 78660



Resident · 2012 - 2013
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Office Staff
The Bad: - Graham Central Station. I live in the building directly across the street from it, and it's a bit of an eye sore. I knew this moving in, and it's true that there is a deep, resonating, bass that emanates from the club on Friday/Saturday from about 9pm-1:30am. However, I live in one of the interior units and I can honestly say it's never been an issue. Perhaps the exterior (road facing) units have a different experience. - Maverick's Bar. This place opened a few months ago, and as mentioned by someone else, it was a huge problem. Excessively loud music from 7/8-1:30am on Friday/Saturday. I honestly think they've turned it down over the last couple of weeks because I haven't felt my home vibrating nearly as much as I used to. Keep in mind that this probably is much worse for this building as we're in the back corner between Graham's and Maverick's (Building 1) - Water. The water takes getting used to, and it does, quite literally, leave deposits on everything. The sinks, toilets, showers, and all of the dishes. It's even kind of stained the floor where the fridge-door water has repeatedly landed. Anything the water touches will have a perma-haze to it because of the water. It's embarrassing to constantly have to explain to guests that it really is just water deposits and it's not dirty. It also took me about a month before I was comfortable drinking it without the smell/taste being overwhelming. - Noise. Ignoring the bars, this place is full of fairly inconsiderate tenants/guests (at least by building 1), but honestly when is that not the case at an apartment complex? Cool guys reving their motorcycles every single day as they enter/leave? Yep. Cool guys in gigantic pick-ups dangeroulsy bolting out on Friday/Saturday? Yep. People who want to listen to insanely loud music, while sitting in the parking lot, which is 16' from someone's bedroom window? Yep. But it's your average apartment, so, I kind of expect those things. - It's not wood. The floors are wood laminate, it's not hardwood. - The walls really are paper thin. You can hear alarms, phones ringing and "louder than normal" conversations fairly easily. I've been lucky enough to have decent neighbors, but it does happen. - No one picks up after their pets. Watch where you step. - Poor access to Mopac. I live here because of the proximity to work, but I often want to get on Mopac to go to the city. Unfortunately, if you take the most direct route to Mopac (which takes you through a neighborhood on the West side of I35), you'll find that the first on-ramp to Mopac is tolled, and you need to go down 1 more exit to merge toll-free. It can be annoying at times, so a TollTag is recommended. - Stigma. Despite having an apartment that impresses everyone who visits, this complex is on I35, and nestled between 2 country bars. If you're worried about your image then prepare to be judged. I couldn't care less, but it seems to be one of the first things people want to point out about this complex (that it's across the street from 'Dirty Graham's') The Good: - Maintenance. The maintenance here is the best I've ever had. I've never had a problem go more than a day or two without it being fixed. They really are quite helpful when it comes to those matters, and here's hoping it doesn't change anytime soon. - Parking. While I do rent a space, my guests haven't ever had a problem finding a reasonable parking space, and the parking lot is wide enough to not have to constantly worry about getting clipped by others. - Management. Everyone has been overly helpful. I've always treated them kindly and with respect, and have always received that in return. - Kitchen. A huge kitchen, stainless-steel appliances and granite counters. Everyone is always really impressed with the kitchen. - Insulation. Maybe I'm just exceptionally watchful, but even in the largest unit, my electric bills haven't exceeded $75/month. With all apartments, it's all about what you want. If you want something fancy and Austin-esque, this isn't it. If you're ok with quite a bit of weekend noise, but a great office/maintenance staff then this place is just as good as the rest of them.
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Broadstone Grand Avenue

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