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Churchill Crossing



Resident · 2011
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Office Staff
Complete crooks, my roommate and i moved in thinking it was cheap and worth it, got extremely sick from what we thought was mold or something in the air, the apartment front office denied any possibility of there being mold in units that were built in 1985, ok, so we hire our own air specialist to get a mold count, and yes sure enough the counts were almost 5 times higher inside the apartment that the outside air! Staff was completely unhelpful and rude, these people are basically slumlords, after we filed a written complaint they accused us of not taking care of the apartment and tried to say we were the ones violating lease! of course they did not have any proof to pursue any kind of action against us, and continued to be snobby and unhelpful, even after we PROVED there was high levels of unsafe mold in the air! I feel very sorry for the next person who moves into apartment 213, you will get sick! don't let the low rent fool you! they will make your life a nightmare! I hope someday someone as the resources to sue these people and shut down there sick houses for good, BEWARE YOU WILL GET SCREWED!
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Churchill Crossing

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