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Churchill Crossing



Resident · 2010
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Office Staff
my experience here was terrible i was told that i would be let out of my lease due to a violent situation that was causing me to have to break my lease i was told by the manager at the time to go head and go and that it would not be on my credit and that they would just take the collateral they took my flat screens my bedroom set and my xbox brand new things i have been struggling for the past 6yrs to get a place due to CHRUCH HILL CROSSING on my credit for 7000 dollars... here i am now 26 yrs old with 2 kids and cant rent a place because of church hill crossing.. no place will work with me because of the amount and they keep reporting it its sad and its ridiculous how hard it is to live and just have a roof over your head even if you have a good stable job its just sad.. 7000 for that old run down apartment.. i advise no one to move here huge SET UP its 2017 and church hill is still the issue as to y i cant move on with my life and my kids
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Churchill Crossing

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