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Club At Summer Valley

744 W William Cannon Dr

Austin, TX 78745



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kittykatryn • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/26/2007
We've lived here for about 7 months now and it has definitely NOT been the best experience. We moved in because we got a big apartment for an affordable price and we were cutting it close to our lease being up at our previous place. I shouldhave suspected we'd end up getting what we paid for. Where do I start?<br><br>Well, there are a few pros - the staff is pretty nice. And the hot tub is nice, too. And that's about it. <br><br>The parking lot is terrible. It's bumpy, the speed bumps are so HUGE you scrape the bottom of your car when you go over them. not that this stops idiots from tearing through the parking lot at all hours of the night. If you dare come home after 9:30 at night there is NO parking. That is due to there not being enough spaces. It is also due to the fact that NO ONE here can park and you will see at least a dozen idiots parked crooked across 2 spaces every night. And if there is an empty spot near your apartment, it'll be near the dumpster, and you won't be able to park there because the garbage and old furniture is spilling out of the dumpster allover the space.<br><br>My car was keyed a few weeks ago. And due to the nastiness of this complex, I wasn't even surprised. <br><br>There are cockroaches EVERYWHERE outside. Thankfully I've never seen one in my unit, but I haven't been on our balcony at night since a week after we moved in because everytime I did, there would be about 4 roaches crawlign all over the place. At night when you walk through the complex, you'll spot about 50 of them crawling everywhere - on the wooden logs that "decorate" the grounds, on the ground, on the trees, on the sidewalk, everywhere. It's pretty nasty.<br><br>The security guard here is an incompetent ---. We here people tearing through the parking lot, yelling at each other from across the parking lot, slamming doors at all hours of the night, and the security guard is no where to be seen. However, if you happen to be quietly coming home at night or are enjoying a quiet evening at home with friends, he will be sure to harrass you.<br><br>My unit is filled with OLD appliances. There is a spot in my floor that i so thin and creaky, I'm afraid I'm going to fall through into the unit below me. I canhear EVERYTHING my neighboors are doing. My front door has light coming through the cracks because it doesn't actually fit or close properly. I can't even lock the top lock. The locks on the door to the balcony are hard to lock and unlock. Not that it matters, of course, since I can't go out there because of the roaches.<br><br>The stairs I use to go get my mail look pretty much like they're starting to crack. <br><br>Oh, that reminds me! During the recent rain and ice weather, part of the celing over the stairway fell out. Two different chunks of i at two different chunks at two different times, actually. That makes you feel safe.<br><br>All in all, this place should be condemned. i cannot WAIT to leave.
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Club At Summer Valley

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