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Colonial Village at Quarry Oaks

6263 McNeil Drive

Austin, TX 78729



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Office Staff
angelktaylor • Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/26/2007
I've lived in this apt. complex since August of last year and I've never had a problem. The office staff is always helpful and understanding. These apartments are beautiful and surrounded by great clean, upkept grass & trees. As for the residents with dogs, there are a few irresponsible people who dont pick up their dog's wastings and put them in one of the many recepticles they have located around the complex, but for the most part, I see people picking up after their dogs. I've never had a problem with neighbors. I feel very safe in this complex and (not recommending it) but I've forgotten my purse in my car in the front seat in plain view and its been there the next morning. The pool/hot tub is great and always clean. H-E-B and McNeil Shopping Center is literally 15-20 steps away. Very convenient and unless your job is really far away, you'll rarely have to get gas because everything is soooo close. I really think you'll love it here. The complexes are fairly new and upkeep is great. Rent prices are also very appropriate and affordable!
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Colonial Village at Quarry Oaks

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