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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/28/2007
I wonder if these gawkers are illegal aliens. They are often seen standing around outside at the parking lot, drinking alcoholic beverages EVERDAY. They litter the lots with broken glass. They are kinda rude when they try to stare you down when you drive by. In fact, they always sit & drink in their trucks. These men need to spend time with their families, especially their children who need to be surpervised.<br> The apartment management are all Mexican and they are VERY friendly and professional. They are good with people in general. They are strict with some neighbors who seem to neglect their children at the pool. I think they did their best to keep their apartment environment in good order.<br> Actually, it is the neighbors that are the major problem. I have neighbors next door that are friendly and very respectful while the other black neighbors living on second floor are azzholes for keeping their stereo blaring all day everyday, but that is okay. Their behavior are the reason I'm moving out immediately as soon as my lease expires. Like I said some are good and some are not. Nothing I can do about it. Have a good Texas day!<br>
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