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8054 Exchange Drive

Austin, TX 78754



Resident · 2017 - 2018
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Office Staff
Ten Reasons Not to Move to Creeekstone 1. Roaches....yes they are everywhere and they come out the drains. Good luck having peace of mind in the shower 2. Coyotes and Raccoons...they wander the community at night and even got into the roof of building 3. This wasn't even fixed immediately because "replacing a roof is expensive" 3. No parking.....if you get home after 8, expect to park at the front. Btw, make sure you carry a stick or pepperspray because of point 2. (I got this advice when complaining about both issues.) Also, the complex is not handicap friendly so if you or your guests have mobility issues, good luck (2 handicap spots for 2 whole apartment buildings is insane. 4. Bait and switch leasing tactics....They show the nicest, most expensive unit on the property and tell you yours will be just like it minus the backdrop and stainless steel appliances. Your apartment will not look like that. It will be nothing like that. Ask to see the unit you are leasing because 5. Apartment not move in ready....They will try to give you a dirty damaged, jacked up apartment and tell you it's acceptable. I had crumbs in my drawers, foot long large black scuff marks and huge scratches all over my light pink cabinets, a hole in my screen door, ducktape on my dishwasher, a broken outlet, broken, rotted fixtures, stained counters, particle board exposed on bathroom cabinets, a nauseating chemical smell and dirt and grim everywhere . When I brought it to the property manager, she refused to take action. I literally had to go off on her to get her to get the most obvious issues fixed . I still have ducktape on my dishwasher, stains on my counters and rotted bathroom fixtures among other issues.... 6. Maintenance comes into your apartment without your permission...They created a work order to come into my place about a "bathroom leak " (never had or reported one) and things in my BEDROOM were moved around. I was shook and I still never got a clear reason as to why they had to come into my unit. It just seemed like they wanted an excuse to snoop. 7. Water will be cut off without notice and be off for 5+ hours. Even during scheduled water maintenance, add 3 hours to whatever time frame you are given. Nothing at this property is efficient 8. Foundation issues.....I currently have cracks in my walls and doors that will no longer close due to the shifting in the foundation. You can also see it from the cracks in the ground of the buildings. 9. Useless Management.....There is no empathy or understanding of issues brought to their attention. If you complain about living with roaches, its because your standards are too high. If you don't feel comfortable with raccoons in your ceilings and coyotes in the parking lot, it's because you aren't a native Texan (Btw, I've been here almost 20 years). At one point, our mail box was broken, leading to all the residence mail being out in the open and the the management just shrugged it off. They don't care about the safety or quality of life of their residents at all. Once you sign the lease, all the helpfulness stops. 10. There are better apartments in Austin at the same price point....can you make this apartment work? Yes. But between battling the management, property issues, wild animals, roaches, privacy violations, maintenance and fighting for parking, why would you want to? TLDR: You don't want to live here
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Hello Shaina, Hi Anonymous, thank you for taking the time to let us know about your recent experience. We are disappointed to hear that you are not satisfied with your stay. Thank you for leaving feedback. The Creekstone Team!

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