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Dalewood Town Homes



Resident · 2014
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Office Staff
Moved in about 5months ago. Short story is seems like a nice place and good location but has terrible management and not all properties are equal, so I would NOT suggest signing a lease on a unit "sight unseen" assuming the unit you are getting will be as good as the one you were shown. When we signed the lease, we were informed ALL units came with bi-weekly professional landscaping included in the rent, however failed to mention that it was the tenants responsibility to put the grass in initially and since apparently the previous tenant in our specific unit didn't ever install/grow grass, we ended up with one of the few units that does not have grass which is a MAJOR issue with our puppy tracking mud in all the time, but the unit we had seen in person when signing the lease had a very nice yard. I don't see how installing and maintaining something as simple as grass is NOT included in 'professional landscaping' but I guess it isn't. Good thing is that they DO allow pets. Landscaping crew provides a schedule however rarely actually keep to it, so it is difficult when they ask to 'lock up your pets' during these times but don't actually stick to the schedule. So don't be fooled by the appeal of 'professional landscaping' when it is equivalent to paying a 12yr old to mow your lawn for you 'approximately' once a month.. I 'thought' it had good management at first, until recently when they(she) decided to discontinue the online option for making payments for whatever reason which has been a major inconvenience and what's worse is that they provided absolutely NO advance notice that the payment option would be changing. I was told via email response that there would be an option to drop off payment in person, and the very next month I drive by and the slot for drop off had been changed or removed as well (again without ANY notice what so ever). It is clear this management does not care for its current residents once the contract has been signed, so don't be fooled by the initial politeness. And, I still have not found the outgoing mailbox, so I guess they expect you to drive to the post office each month (twice a month including water bill as separate payment) to make a payment now and may argue that it is 'just a few blocks away' but is still inconvenience to not have an outgoing mailbox at the complex (not to mention again, not even having an option for paying online which is how MOST places do it in this century; I don't even have a checkbook but now am forced to get one!) Oh, and we have had to replace about 6 different light bulbs in the short time we have been there, but that may just be coincidence I guess.. All in all, we are still pretty happy with our choice of location to move to, however the yard care and management response to payment changes is very disappointing! Enough so to make me get on and give a bad review of an otherwise decent place to live.
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