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Dalewood Town Homes



Prospective Resident · 2015
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Andrea Palladino is an employee of The Property Society. She is also the manager at Dalewood Townhomes. In late May I was looking for a new place to rent for our July 31st move-out date. I found Dalewood Townhomes and Andrea was the contact, so I reached out to her. She emailed me a picture of a unit in the complex, initially I thought this was the unit I was going to receive and was not too thrilled about it. Andrea invited me to come to her office physically so we can talk about the unit in person, I did May 26th. During our meeting I expressed my concern about the picture of the yard she sent previously, it did not have grass. I stated that I needed grass and that I have two dogs who will only track it in. At that time she informs me that the pictures that she sent me via email is not the unit that I would be moving into. She stated that the unit I was going to receive had a yard that had been sodded the previous summer so there would be plenty of grass and had upgrades. Trustingly, I paid the $500 deposit to hold the unit for me, sight unseen based on her description. Not once did she tell me the deposit was NON-Refundable. I was under the assumption that it was just to hold the unit until I could see it for myself. The afternoon of 6/25/2015 I went to look at the property. Her description of the "model" duplex I was supposed to receive was not accurate and there was not a single piece of grass in the yard as promised. The only reason I put the deposit down to "hold" this unit was the yard. The first thing I did was email Andrea to see if there was a way of fixing the issue, she told me that her husband was the one that had laid down the original sod last year and she could offer me the same price of $114.00 per palette ( i have email documentation for all of this) . Immediately I felt lied to, taken advantage of, and cornered into buying her husband sod, or risk not having a yard at all. I then asked her if I could have my deposit back because of the false information provided to me and she stated that it was non-refundable. I wonder how many other tenants have been lured in with the promise of a yard only to have to purchase it from her husband. I am a professional and this, to me, is a conflict of interest. I believe that this case should be considered for review under The Texas Deceptive Trade Practices laws at statelaws.findlaw.com/texas-law/texas-deceptive-trade-pract Additionally, when I spoke to her manager John O'Neill on 6/26/15 2:30pm and provide him with the details of the situation, he was very rude and stated "It is not illegal to solicit his service" ( referring to Andrea Palladino's husband). I then asked for the contact information of the owner of The Property Society and he refused to divulge that information. I have not signed a lease nor will I ever at this property. update: John O'Reilly called me back and offered to install brand new sod in the unit I was going to rent. That offer came after I had already complained on Andrea and her misleading description of the unit promised. I told him that I was uncomfortable moving in now due to fear of retaliation. He then proceeded to tell me that he feels that Andrea Palladino did a good job on describing the unit to me and that she had done nothing wrong. They will retain my $500 deposit that I put down to "hold" the unit. Not one time did Andrea mention that deposit was non-refundable-NOT ONCE. I'm a college student and that's tuition for 2 classes at ACC for me or a good chunk of class tuition at Texas state. I have filed a formal complaint with the better business bureau's consumer affairs division in hopes of having this company looked into and I encourage all who feel they have a reason to, to do the same.
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Dalewood Town Homes

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