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Granada Iii Apartments



Resident · 1997 - 1999
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
The furniture is bad,gross, imagine all those years and all those asses that sat there. All bills paid so crank that AC but careful mine broke 5 times in one year and it was on 60. The repairmen would repplace it with another bad motor from another building, nothing new. The manager SUCKS! He´s a freak, ex-military freak. Pain in the ---! Creepy. Mostly foreign students, quiet couples,pool area but, eh, the way it is set up you feel alone and creepy in the pool. Location ideal for students. Price does increase the longer you stay or forced to stay. Manager not understanding hold you to things on and off the lease. Control freak, likes to see you squirm. Move on don´t move in, the deal isn´t that sweet. Since all bills paid you will get knocks on the door if your light was on wheile you were gone on vacation. Seriously the manager is creepy,spieson you etc.....He´s never in the office cause he creeps around. I wanted to turn in my rent weeks ahead of the due date since I would be out of town. He said no. I got back into town 2 days late and there were 2 nasty notes on the door. Made me feel like a deadbeat but I had wanted to pay before I left. Wants a reason to cause trouble watch out.
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Granada Iii Apartments

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