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Iron Rock Ranch

1215 West Slaughter Lane

Austin, TX 78748



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/14/2007
The complex was just bought by Pinnacle, and the old office staff is entirely gone. In their place we have a nice gentleman who does nothing but answer phones and refer people to Fay. Fay, being the only one who can apparently answer questions, is often on the property. This makes getting the answer to questions difficult.<br><br>I had a returned rent check for the first time, and discovered it before the complex did. In a desire to resolve it properly, I called on Friday to see what I should pay. The gentleman just took a message for Fay. I called again later from the bank, as there was still no answer from Fay, and was told she had gotten the message, but went to lunch, and she'd call me back later. I explained I was in class the remainder of the day, and wouldn't be able to bring by whatever amount they needed that day anymore, now that it had taken so long to get an answer, but if they gave me an amount, I'd drop the check in the overnight box that evening.<br><br>While in class, I get a message from Fay saying that late payments had a 50 dollar surcharge and 10 dollars per day after the third. Since this answer had NOTHING to do with the returned check issue, I asked my roommate to go into the office on Saturday, since I'd be away all day.<br><br>She went down to the office three times, and every time the office was locked saying Fay was out on the property. She tried again on Sunday, and a paper sign was tacked up saying they were closed.<br><br>I took off work early on Monday to resolve it myself, and when I got to the office, Fay was out on the property. I went to get groceries, came back...still out on property! I waited in the office until she came back, and explained the situation to her. She had no recollection of Friday, and determined that the proper route was to charge the late fees, AND a 50 dollar returned check fee.<br><br>And she made sure to include in this amount the 30 dollars for the days where we couldn't get HER!!!<br><br>We had to renew our lease, as we can't right now afford moving. But we had been planning on staying long-term (we've been here almost 18 months) but now will be getting out as soon as six months are up.<br><br>Right now you have an office staff on Fay, and she doesn't give a flip. Maybe the new company will eventually give a flip, but until they do, try elsewhere.
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Iron Rock Ranch

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