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Ivy Park



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/18/2007
Yes, the rent is cheap but you get what you pay for! Me and my boyfriend have lived here for the past year and it has been a living hell for us so let me forewarn you if your thinking about living here. When we first moved in we didn't have any water for at least two weeks, then we only had HOT or COLD water because they were working on the plumbing for several more weeks. There was only one manager working there at the time and she was never in her office to help the residents. There is only one maintenance guy and when they put a work order out to take care of any problems it takes them days, weeks for them to respond to a problem. The office is never open on weekends, very inconvient. We complained several times that our AC had not been working properly (They never really fixed the problem), we have an old noisy washer/dryer that came with the apartment and is anoying as hell. The place is 20 years old and falling apart! There are roaches, the carpet is peeling up in our apartment, the drawer in the bathroom came apart the other night and fell on my boyfriends foot. <br><br> Worst of all I don't feel safe in this neighborhood and I don't feel like the management here gives a @#$% about their residents. We were burglarized this past summer in June (Thank God I had renters insurance) and the apartment manager did nothing to fix our sliding glass door that was jimmied open. We fixed it ourselves by hammering it back into place and placing a bar at the bottom so you can't push it open. I even gave her the police report so she could warn residents of what happened and She had the audacity to say that maybe it was one of our friends that robbed us and that she didn't want to alarm the other residents by sending out a letter informing people of what happened! Isn't that supposed to be required when something like that happens? It sure makes me feel good knowing management cares so much about their residents safety... NOT! Oh, and recently we've been hearing gun shots in the woods in front of our apartment. Our downstairs neighbor said when his wife went to throw away some trash the other night she saw a man with a flashlight chasing another man and firing off rounds! I walk the dog at night and I'm terrified everytime I go out there.<br><br>Oh! And to top it all off when the stupid @#$% finally got the axe and was fired we discovered that we were paying $10 over our rent for the past 9 1/2 months of our lease and then the new management tried to act like they were doing us a favor by refunding us our money when it was their mistake! Make sure you get a copy of your lease agreement, or better yet don't make the same mistake we did and rent here because this place is ------ and I can't wait until we move out in 2 months! Don't say I didn't warn you!
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Ivy Park

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