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Kensington Green Apartments



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natellen • Resident 2005 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/03/2007
I'm kind of surprised by how negative some of these reviews are. I guess I've had some problems, here, too- my AC drain has backed up and flooded twice and some other smaller things have gone wrong- but they've always been handled quickly and the maintenance guys were really nice. Yes, I can sometimes hear my neighbors, but the complex is REALLY strict about noise, so you have their support if you ever want to complain. I've never had to, just talking to people seems good enough, but if necessary they will kick someone out for being too loud. They do have a lot of rules but they seem to make them and then just let everyone alone unless there is some problem. I've never had any kind of issues with the managament in spite of their frequent notices.<br><br>It's nothing fancy, you know- a plain one-bedroom with enough space, nice tile floors and counters, a lot of closet space, plain but clean, mostly quiet and it feels safe. I had some issues when I first moved in (I wrote another review a long time ago about the horrors of the AC compressors on the third floor) and that whole thing was awful, but the first-floor apartment they transferred me to has been fine. And other people living upstairs do not seem to be bothered by the AC units the way I was, so don't let that scare you unless you're sensitive to noise. Anyway, I've been here close to two years and been 98% content and so have the neighbors I know. I'll probably stay here until I make some major change in my life, like move to another city or get married or something. And it is a mix of seniors, working people, some students, some grad students, and some families with kids, not all students or even mostly students.<br><br>I think it's worth considering because it seems like a lot of people are happy here and quite a few of them do stay several years.
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Kensington Green Apartments

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