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Madison At Stone Creek Apartments

6800 McNeil Drive

Austin, TX 78729



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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/18/2002
This place is total crap.. The carpet sucks, it managed to come off the tack´s buy the wall and develop rips in the seams where they replaced certin spots of carpet. Taking a bath is nice, you get to hear the water flowing down the pipes in the walls when the bathroom you are in is quiet. Walls are paper thin. Noisy neighbors. One of our neighbors at one point was one of the managers at the property and they broke their lease agreement (if they even signed one). Bass at 1am, loud music all the time, enough to where I could feel my computer desk vibrate. People let their dog´s do the business and not clean it up. We have to clean up other people´s mess when we take our dogs out. Other then that, I can say that they do not have pest control in this place considering i´ve been home on pest spray day´s and nobody came by, and we have tons of sugar ants.... All I can say is keep away from this place. I will agree with the other person about the steam room... it hasnt been working anyt of the times I was in there.
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Madison At Stone Creek Apartments

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