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Mandalay Apartments



Resident · 2011 - 2012
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Office Staff
This review will change as my experience continues. At first I was excited. I tried to be optimistic about the bad reviews that I had seen prior to submitting my application. They all are pretty much true. Management leaves alot to be desired. 1st impressions are deceiving sometimes. So first they got my move-in date wrong for some reason and it was clearly written on all paperwork that I had and that they had copies of. I had to reschedule my movers because they weren't done in my apartment. On move-in day they still weren't ready and the moving truck was packed and ready to go when they call me and ask if I could wait a few more hours because they haven't cleaned the unit yet. By the time myself and the moving truck arrive they still have not cleaned. They tell to go ahead and start moving in and they will clean around you...Ummmm, I'm thinking NOT! Needless to say the cleaning crew did a BAD job, cabinets were still nasty from last tenant, the floor was nasty. I was literally DISGUSTED! There are still a plethora of things that need to be fixed. Stove eyes broken, kitchen cabinets not closing, towel bars missing. On a very short positive note. They did attempt to rectify their shortcomings by taking $100.00 off my rent for the month and giving me 2 free accent walls which normally run around $45.00 I think? but that was before I had really seen how dirty it actually still was. And lets just say now they are taking their sweet time getting to ALL the things that need attention. I pray it goes better for you.... Update ... I have come to the realization or just my humble opinion that her support team might just be setting her up to fail. It appears ALL my service request fell on deaf ears til I actually got to talk to her. seriously?!?!?! I kept getting blown off... disappointing : ( Update ... Year 1 completed. They have a new manager. He cames in guns ablazing said he was gonna do this this and that and that usually when Jupiter Properties asks him to replace someone it is to do a clean up job. Well, let me tell you folks it's ALL smoke and mirrors. He is fraudulent. positive- brand new renovated clubhouse with WiFI hotspot that fades the further you walk from the front of the clubhouse. positive- they added 2 smaller dumpsters at different points of the neighborhood positive- they added extra poop stations for those that actually pick up after their pets. positive- it is CLOSE to everything! positive- My maintenance issues haven't been bad but if you can tell by the review that I'm giving I think they know that they won't hear the end of it if I have to wait longer than 48 hrs. But I have heard other tennants stories and it is known to be delayed. negative- there is no business center anymore, so if your internet is down or you have to copy or fax something you have to do it thru the busy bodies in the front office. negative- a year later there are still at least 33 exterior and parking lot lights out, with an excuse of photo cells being out and needing to call a lighting specialist but they still haven't. negative- the trash compactor that they replaced has no instructions and none were given individually and most people don't bother to ask how it works just leaving their trash anywhere. negative- the trash is only picked up 2x? a week. So Since there are 290 /- units with anywhere up to 6 people in each you can only imagine how much trash can accumulate. It looks nasty. It is embarassing when company comes. Not to mention the colony of racoons and other assorted wildlife that has dinner every night. That's all I have for now. Stay tuned for year 2. And yes the negatives outweigh the positives and you might ask..."Why doesn't she just move?" Well LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION trumps ALL!
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Mandalay Apartments

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