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Resident · 2010
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Office Staff
I just recently moved out of Mandalay and I'm really glad to be out! The management was just OK, the ladies were nice, but they suck at managing and charge all these random fees. My sink pipe in the kitchen started leaking, I called the office and they came to fix it, but I guess not good enough because it leaked about 4 more times throughout my 1 year stay. The cabinets don't close (my bathroom cabinets) and that is really annoying when you have guests over because your cabinets are wide open with all the business out. Parking is the WORST. I have never experienced such horrible parking arrangements. The parking spot are limited and SMALL to begin with, my neighbors like to DOUBLE PARK and the management does not do anything about that. By the way, if you like to walk then you're fine because if you have a job or go to school and get home around 5pm and after, you will not be finding any parking. There is not enough parking for tenants alone, nonetheless visitors love to come and park front row parking in all of our spaces! Neighbors are HORRIBLE, either that or the walls are extra thin. I felt like there were trolls living above me because I would hear stomping all day long....and night long...I guess they don't work? It was to the point where I was calling almost every week to complain, but management did not take care of that. It was constant stomping all day long, imagine how annoying that is when you have an 8am class to attend and am trying to get your beauty sleep. Dogs: ANNOYING. I am a fan of dogs, I love them...except when they are little chihuahua sounding annoying barking all day long. I am honestly not even exaggerating. On my few days off of school and work, I would like to stay at home and get some peace and quiet rest. I Unfortunately, I cannot do that because these little dogs are barking all day long! I feel like the owners leave them home alone all day and they just bark away. Of course, the management didn't do anything about it. Water bills: So, when I moved in the water bill was averaging out to maybe 20 dollars a month. Halfway through my lease, the apartments decided to use some new water billing system that charged around 30-40 dollars a month. I live by myself, and I only use water to shower and brush my teeth etc. I don't even cook... So how is my water bill so expensive? I DON'T KNOW. On top of that, the water billing company sends you late statements that are inconsistent and sometimes charge 2 months into 1 bill or 3 months into 1 bill. How professional is that? And, when you do call the bill service, their response to why your bill is 80 dollars is that they always send late bills with multiple months in that and you should know that. UH HELLO?!!? What kind of business are they running.... On to the best and final part. When I moved out they charged all these ridiculous fees. Let's start with $10 for "dusty floors" ....*silent pause* So I'm wondering did they take their hand and sweep it across the wooden floor to see how much dust was on there? Or did they charge me this after they had maintenance come in do work, and make a mess? RIDICULOUS. They also charged me for dirty carpet....The carpet looked like that when I moved in... Oh, sorry forgot to mention one of the best amenities of the apartment is their pool. Well, NOT SO MUCH. The pool was not even open half the time I was staying there. And when it was open, it was dirty or full of people who do not live in the apartments. They are supposedly strict on who comes in. A couple of times when I went to the pool and forgot to wear my pink wristband, I had some random old lady and man questioning me up and down as if I were a convict asking me for my apartment number. First of all, this old lady and man do not wear any type of uniform or have any indication that they work there, so why would I tell them where I live? I thought the man was a child pedophile or a creepy pervert the first time when he kept asking me what apartment I lived at. I wouldn't tell him until he finally pulled out a list of tenants and their apartment numbers; that was the only way I finally knew he worked there and was not a creepy guy trying to kidnap me. The moral of this story is besides watching out for the creepy old man/woman that will harass you about your apartment number, why is it that they are so strict and gave me all that hard time, yet the pool is still full of people who don't live there.. I know they don't live their because I see them drive up park in the parking, bring their little bbq materials etc., have a good time, then drive their happy selves home! This is an honest opinion people, I am not even exaggerating in this review. I think a lot of the people who are staying at Mandalay now or has in the past can agree with me on at least 2 of these complaints I have listed above. I usually wouldn't take time out just to write a bad review about something/place/someone, but I honestly am irritated with their lack of management,professionalism and service. p.s. They charge a $35 info release fee just in case you all were wondering...
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