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Mandalay Apartments



Resident · 2011 - 2012
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Office Staff
PLEASE READ!!! THIS PLACE IS HORRIBLE!!! DON'T RUIN YOUR LIFE AND RENTAL HISTORY!! The reviews listed above are not a lie!! Where should I start.. I'll start with EMILY!! She is the assistant manager and honestly the WORST person to do her job! She is rude, she doesn't process any of my maintenance request (i finally gave up and have been living with a stopped up sink, broken cabinets, and 8 ft crack in my ceiling! and that's just to name a few! Which I'm sure they will try to charge me for when i move out!!) Emily is so rude, i couldn't believe it!! One time very rudely telling me to "go sit down in the corner and she would be with me when she had a minute" (keep in mind, not doing anything at her desk!) They have no time to take any phone calls but i saw her taking pictures of my house to make me pay fines, that i had already had waved by the manager, just so she could prove a point! She spends more time making my life miserable than helping me, as a good staff should do. All the other staff is nice and friendly (Mark and Candice are great) but ultimately Emily is the one giving out orders, and she will ruin your life, i promise! The walls are PAPER thin, and you can hear everything. I complained several times, but the management does nothing!! They are constantly in your apartment doing "fire extinguisher checks, etc" but they are really just snooping for reasons to fine you. And keep in mind EVERY fine is 100$, then you get another 100$ fine for having a fine of 100$ even if you can get them waved, Emily will make sure they are re-applied. One time charging a lady 100$ for trash outside her door, then not even taking her trash! She later threw a fit and taped the fine to the office door for everyone to see!! I wanted to join this woman and tell her we should Pickett outside to keep people from moving in!! The pool is the selling point, but its so packed all the time you cant even find a place to sit!! The amenities are nice, but honestly not worth the hassle!! I
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Mandalay Apartments

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